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Why waste your time building an app that no one will ever use?  Apple Wallet is on EVERY iPhone and it can’t be deleted.

Watch our short video and see how you can benefit from mobile wallet campaigns today – 

Kim Stuart


Change Offers, Push New Promotions, Cross Sells & Upsells

How Does Mobile Wallet Marketing Work?

Mobile wallet marketing is simple to create and easy to distribute.  It takes roughly 5 minutes to create a new pass and even less time to update an existing pass.

There are different types of passes, and you may be familiar with using a mobile wallet to display a boarding pass if you have flown in the past year on any of the larger airlines such as United, Southwest, American or Virgin.   Fandango also drops passes into mobile devices for movie tickets;  Starbucks and Sephora use passes to help manage their loyalty and gift card programs.

Passes distributed via Apple Wallet (formerly Passbook) are integrated with the iBeacon, a short range Bluetooth transmitter that triggers a response from the smartphone when it gets close to the beacon.   Geofencing, or geo-fencing, is simply using the phone’s GPS locator component to trigger a lock screen message based on the users location.

Passes are NOT required to use location based notifications.


Mobile Wallet Marketing on iPhone 6

iPhone 6 and 6+ with Apple Wallet ads

15X More Successful than a Standalone Email Campaign

Mobile Wallet Marketing Means Money

Mobile Devices & Online Marketing

More than ever, consumers rely on their mobile phones to manage their lives.

Today, more than 2/3 of email is opened on a mobile device. 

Combining mobile wallet marketing with email, SMS, social media, or SEO display results in much higher response rates and extends the life of ANY campaign.

Today, 90% of installed Passbook passes are NOT deleted. 

iPhones, made by Applehave Apple Wallet (formerly Passbook), the mobile wallet application created by Apple, and it cannot be deleted.  Apple leverages Apple Pay and Apple Watch on the Passbook framework, creating a “must use” situation for device owners.  Since the app (Apple Wallet) is native to, and owned by, Apple, it enjoys certain benefits not available to third party developers.

This translates to a potential marketing base of nearly 300 million users worldwide.  

Let’s Face It – Lock Screen Notifications are Subliminal Advertising

What’s your business?  We’ve got a plan for you!

Real Estate Professionals

Create a pass for each property listing so interested buyers can download information about the property to their iPhone, and take it with them when they tour potential purchases.  When a property goes out of inventory, convert the pass into a digital business card, or simply substitute a similar property in a nearby neighborhood.

Notify prospects of status changes — such as an offer is received, or  price reduction.  Send updates based on the segmented targeting.

Brokers, agents – have you checked the blog for news and marketing tips?

Use iBeacons and geofencing on property to further enhance the prospects experience.

Online Marketers

In the past, prospects had to open an email, read an SMS or click through a display ad, each time you initiated contact.  Email rates can vary greatly, click through rates with real people are in the toilet, and the perils of SMS messaging are tricky with legal traps surrounding sends.

You can push message installed passes ANY TIME, swapping or updating offers, or sending a clear call to action incorporating inbound call center direct dialing, or other contact via the live links on the back of the pass.

Being able to swap out elements in a pass to test new product offerings and traffic funnels in a pass leads to better conversion rates than any other campaign type. 

VIP & Concierge Services

Mobile wallet marketing is a FANTASTIC OPPORTUNITY to offer your clients something new; and extremely effective at getting their attention and making them feel special and appreciated.

Mobile wallet marketing is super easy – if you can operate your Gmail, then you’re good to go here as well!

Use geofencing and iBeacons to enhance the customer experience – helping to extend your relationship with premier clients even further.

One casino host has McCarran baggage claim tagged in all of his passes, so every client flying commercially gets a welcome when they arrive in town!

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FACT: Your Competition is Getting the Jump on You

If you haven’t already started planning your mobile wallet marketing campaign, you can rest assured that your competition has.  

With a simple, easy to use interface, coupled with real time updates via push notifications, geofencing and iBeacons, there is no better way to put yourself, your brand and your company into the millions of iPhones and other smartphones in use today.

Engage in REAL TIME.  Communicate new offers, updates, cross sell opportunities and more.  Tell your story to your prospects.

Make it easy for customers to buy again.  Or refer their friends, co-workers and neighbors.

Direct download from your website, email campaign, SMS, social media post, search results, and more.

Create and track as many passes as you like.  View stats about opens, installs, and device.

Sign up and start marketing to iPhone, Apple Watch other smartphones today.

 More sales, more referrals, more business!

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