It’s that time of year has rolled around when its time to start thinking of trendy ways to engage with your client base over the holiday season. 

Every business is different, so is every promotion for that matter and its our business to know when the trigger is taken, at the right time to be effective when messaging their client base.

One of the mobile trends that consumers will see this holiday is ways to connect direct to their device that allows companies to communicate in ways that they may not have thought of before. These developments as a simple QR scan that triggers a mobile channel to be able to engage and inform right at the point of sale in a storefront.


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When connecting to your client base at sponsored event, then using location tags with proximity triggers is the way to engage and reach every single one of them, where they are already looking. As people check their phone 80 times a day, making notifications a trend that will see holiday revenues increase.


Cross promotions with other brands or partners is a terrific trends to get in front of new client base. To send the right message to them right on the lock screen is mission critical to communication. The inherent possibilities are endless with a mobile channel and we have core strategies that make for a developed mobile-first approach.



Marketing teams, companies who take advantage of mobile- first experiences will gain a competitive edge. These remarkable trends deliver experience with mobile strategies for your business is –  any time you can share your mobile channel. Sharing allows for further promotions, loyalty or  popup discounts as customers take to their shopping journey this holiday season, be sure to be apart of it.


A mobile channel has a mini-hub that allows you to store all social media profiles, listen links to podcasts, navigation, call – to – action contacts all in one place, for client base to always know where to find you while get updates on the latest promotions making sharing to Facebook, Twitter or Instagram a breeze.


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To find the mobile channel on your iPhone, just ask Siri about it.  Let’s try it with Kim Stuart’s pass with her share features on it.  Ask Siri to search for “Kim Stuart’s pass” and Apple Wallet will open up with her pass in hand.


Try it now, to see for yourself.

2019 Holiday Season Mobile Trends 1



Right in your hand you are looking at Kim Stuart’s pass with the latest blog image ribbon across the front. Tap the Share Pass to get  seen across all social media networks for maximum likes and follows. Sharing is now easier than ever to do be sure your company can be found as easily as Kim Stuart



Now its time for your take a minute and ask yourself these types of questions:

  • What should you be looking to integrate with your marketing materials?
  • What promotion did well over the year?
  • Which brands have shown interest in collaboration?



Then plan a  holiday marketing strategy built on the successes of these campaigns, we can start you off, just give us a call to stay on trend and on point using mobile-first with your campaigns.