Optimize your mobile ads by discovering three key strategies.

Is your reach extend to mobile audience?  Are your ads optimized for mobile users?

More people are using mobile ads on their smartphones. To reach them, rethink your ads where people are looking – on their phones.

Advertising on mobile to make an impact thinking mobile first. A mobile ad is visible and carries easily in your mobile wallet.

The ads created will drive your traffic to where you want them to go. Create a mobile campaign thats easy to understand while compelling users.

Discover 3 ways to optimize your mobile ads –  while thinking mobile first.

Mobile advertising means that people will view your ad on their mobile device.

Podcast Marketer Front

1 – Tell them who you are – a mobile ad pass has a back and a front to it. On the front of a pass put who you are and what you are selling.

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On our podcast pass, we have our podcast name and image and recent episode listed on the front of the pass.


Labeled back of pass

2- Gather your most relevant links to add them to the back of the pass. Your audience is waiting for you to lead them to what you are selling. Mobile ad works with all your current marketing efforts.


lock screen notification

3 – Mobile messaging, capture your audiences attention with messaging right on the lock screen. Have a new podcast? new offer?  show your loyal users where to click. Help them navigate where they are to go. We call it:  driving traffic to your content!

Messages with mobile updates ignites your mobile ads by further directing them to your brand.

Mobile is where eyes are turning to, to be seen on mobile then start running ads in a mobile wallet. As users are spending most of the time on mobile, running ads where people are looking gives your business the most exposure. This digital touchpoint an early opportunity to win over your audience to come to you and not your competition.

These basic mobile ad tactics assist in building a mobile strategy that is sustainable, scalable mobile advertising campaigns that drive revenue and grow your business.