3 Quick Tips for Effective Mobile Wallet Marketing Campaign Setup

Effective Mobile Wallet Marketing Campaign Setup

3 Effective Wallet Marketing Campaign Setup Tips

There are some super important things to keep in mind when you’re setting up a wallet marketing campaign – here are three tips to make your wallet marketing campaign more effective from the start.

1 – Simple graphics on the front of the pass –

I can’t tell you how many times people want to cram too much onto the front of the pass; it’s like a disease or something.  And it’s a terrible idea.  Even the iPhone 6+ screen is only 5.5″ wide and that’s the biggest phone we know people actually use!  Sparingly designed graphics that encourage the user to actually read or absorb the message on the front mean that users are WAY more inclined to add the pass when they’ve clicked through on your link from email, SMS, social ads, or a web page.

Wallet Marketing Campaign Back of Pass

2 – First link on back should be your most important – 

Seriously, if you aren’t running a Click-to-Call campaign from the back of the pass, then do not put your phone number as the first link on the back.  If you’re sending a pass install campaign to your current email list, then using your email contact as the first link is probably one big circle jerk.  If you don’t want anyone coming to your physical business location, don’t put your address on the darn card.

If you want people to sign up for your webinar, that’s the first link you should be pushing.  Or your iTunes podcast link.  Or your latest YouTube video.

3 – Be brief and concise with your text – 

For goodness sake, don’t bombard the reader with so much text (on the front or the back) that they can’t take it all in…  that’s just asking them to turn on the ignore feature in their mind and skip over what you’re trying to say to them.  Keep your Lock Screen Update messages brief as well – think like a short tweet for the length.   This is definitely a case where less is more.  Again, small screen, the user is probably busy (maybe walking by one of your geofencing triggers), and doesn’t have a lot of time or attention for this.  Be kind to them.

If you’ll stick with these three tips as your ‘master plan’ when thinking about the pass design for your next mobile wallet marketing campaign, you’ll get a better response rate, better conversion rate, and overall significantly more interaction with your passes.


Need help developing your concept for the wallet pass layout or having trouble deciding how to order your links on the back of the pass?  Our design staff is happy to help you out, just drop us a line.