Mobile payments are all the rage, using your smartphone to pay for your life is easy and convenient to do. Apple Wallet provides the best possible mobile experience with mobile wallet passes.

Mobile wallets like Apple Wallet is an app installed on all iPhones. Apple Wallet provides opportunities for businesses to make transactions with Apple Pay and advertise and market to loyal client base using a mobile wallet pass.

This mobile platform holds digital credit cards and mobile wallet passes sits besides them and are represented as digital business cards, gift cards, event tickets, boarding passes and coupons and loyalty offerings. These passes are the non-payment extension of features inside of Apple Wallet. All with really cool technology features backed by Apple.

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Now, why am I explaining all this to you?

Because I am about to give you 3 reasons to start accepting Apple Wallet:

1 – Apple Pay

Apple Pay has changed the way we pay for items. Banks and major retails chains are onboard. Credit cards all set up to pay from your mobile phone, like Masterpass. Its adoption use skyrocketing as over 400 percent year after year. And they’re still launching and breaking out in other countries. Its popularity is growing so keep up with it. In dollars, Apple Pay accounts for more than ten percent in overall revenue in its last year. In the urban tech centers as San Francisco, CA and Austin, TX paying on mobile is common place.

2- Mobile loyalty program

As easy as building an email list or followers on social media, once a mobile wallet pass is installed into Apple Wallet, send mobile updates to start engaging right away.

Loyalty and rewards programs are huge right now because they work. Using a mobile wallet pass you can set one right up in Apple Wallet. Use Apple technologies to store rewards and create that loyal base that you know your competitors are. No matter the size of your business, this is an effective way to grow your business.

All organized and all in one place, Apple Wallet provide the best possible experience to the mobile user with mobile wallet passes.

3- Location Based Advertising 

Mobile wallet passes know what to do and when to do them. Point your client base on mobile of where you are located and provide an incentive to have them connect with where you are. Engage with a mobile update that will be seen right on the lock screen. Embrace the new way you market yourself, with mobile marketing strategies that work to produce a mobile experience to your loyal clients.

and all WITHOUT AN APP!  – in case you missed it, thats one more reason your business should accept Apple Wallet. – it because its its own app. You don’t need to build or create one, manage or develop or have it discovered in the app store because your not in the app business –  none of the works anyway.

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You caught me, its 4 reasons for you to start accepting Apple Wallet.

  1. Apple Pay
  2. Mobile loyalty program
  3. Location based advertising
  4. No app needed

At Mobile Wallet Marketer we get pointed into the right direction and make a mobile wallet pass that works with your mobile campaigns and promotions. mobile techniques that work with your current campaigns.