It’s a podcast, what can possibly go wrong?

We started a podcast as an informative but relaxed means to educate our listeners about the best way to manage their mobile marketing and advertising campaigns, and the easiest, most cost effective method of doing this. 

If you have a new podcast you may want to start to think of a creating a podcast marketing strategy.  If you don’t already have a strategy, you may be losing out on listeners, downloads, subscribers and shares – traffic that you can’t necessarily get back. 

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Read through this, as I share with you the four biggest podcast mistakes to avoid, in order for your new podcast to succeed.

We launched our podcast and initially placed on the following networks, iTunes, Stitcher, TuneIn and SoundCloud, not knowing if placement alone would generate any traffic.  Later we added Google Play Music when they started including podcasts. 

We found that we got only a little push from Apple at first, but we were not able to capitalize on the traffic they sent our way due to life commitments which I’ll discuss later on.  The rest of the networks didn’t really send much traffic, and the SoundCloud file allotments on the base plan were so small that you have to delete an older episode to add a new one. 

We realized many people listen to our podcasts using mobile phones and started to think of outside the box ideas for getting our listener count, subscriber base, and shares up to respectable levels.

After all, we’re a mobile ad platform; why not use our own product for podcast traffic?

We created a pass for Mobile Wallet Marketing Made Easy , our first Podcast Marketer pass.

We told our listeners about it and the installed it on their phones. We splattered it all over our web properties, included it in our mailers, pushed it on social media and generally treated it like we were building an email list or working on social media follows or likes campaigns. 

4 Biggest Mistakes Starting a New Podcast 1

It worked, we were right!   Here are the results:

Mobile updates on the lock screen let our listeners know when we’ve got a new episode (something that iTunes does NOT automatically do), which increased our listenership not just by double digits of 25% or 80% but boosted us 4 times in triple digits:

Watch listeners grow

Our Mobile Wallet Marketing Made Easy pass is your roadmap for Podcast Marketer success. Hold on to your hats because there is some work involved on your end to develop your podcast success.

Anyway, on to the 4 big mistakes –

#1 – Failing to put together an outline for your podcast. 

Just like a business plan, questions to ask yourself:

What do you want to get out of the podcast?

For us, we use it as a marketing channel for our business. We inform listeners on how to market mobile ads to various businesses and industries.

Other questions to ask:

Who is your target audience?  Know who your listeners are.

What do you want to achieve from the podcast? Revenue? Lead magnet?

These questions will guide you to get the right answers for your continued podcast marketing strategy.

#2 – Starting a podcast without preparation is a recipe for failure. 

A podcast takes up keep, list 10 – 15 subjects that you want to discuss on each episode.

Keep the topics interesting and on point with your goals.

Know who your target audience is listening to your podcast, keep them engaged with mobile updates that feature a good call to action.

4 Biggest Mistakes Starting a New Podcast 2

[Check our our pass Mobile Wallet Marketing Made Easy to see how we use passes to market podcasts.]

#3 – Not developing a marketing plan for your podcast.

Podcasts are only 10 years old and their popularity is risen, everyone wants one!

There are 325,000 podcasts on iTunes – only 60,000 of them being active. Spread the word of your podcast through social media strategies with a Podcast Marketer pass to build up your loyal listeners.

#4 – Take advantage of your first chance to generate listeners with Apple’s New and Noteworthy.

We learned first hand that this push of traffic Apple gives you to generate listeners is the only one they give you for free. It occurs the first few days after a podcast release.

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Although we we did not capitalize on the situation, we did learn from it and want to tell you what we did to fix it. We were still committed to our podcasts and worked hard in this last year to increase our listeners by pushing out reminders of our next episode using mobile updates.

Move your podcast strategy forward with mobile updates and increase your listenership.

Take note of the four biggest mistakes you want to avoid when marketing your podcast for success, I know that your competitors just did.