Directly promote a Pin or other social post from the back of the card. 

Everyone knows that digital biz cards are convenient, effective and super easy to distribute.

But…  not everyone understands how to get the most out of a digital business card; the best ways to increase engagement with card holders is often the most simple way, these simple methods also tend to be the most overlooked.

So we’ve got a quick video designed to highlight the ‘must-dos’ that will lead to effective interaction.  I’ve added a few comments about some of the points after the fold, so keep reading.

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What are the primary ways that a digital business card increases interaction with prospects and clients?

1. Website URLs – since the back of the card automatically makes your links live, I like to “litter” the back of the pass with targeted URLs.  I do NOT limit myself to my main URL; instead I point the cards at new articles (like this one!), specific action pages (webinar signup) or other content that I’m testing or nurturing that would benefit by direct action from an interested group.


Directly link to drill down URLs



2. Social – same with the URLs – I like to reference specific Pins that we’re promoting, or a featured post on Facebook or LinkedIn, so that there’s some organic growth along with the paid promotions.

3. Maps – ah, yes, one of my favs!  We host a lot of events, so I am always sure to include the address on the back of the card.  The Maps app pops right up and you can initiate driving directions right from the back of the card with a couple of clicks!  When we’re using geo-fencing to message event-goes, I want them to arrive at the specific spot (or close enough that the geo-fencing catches them) that will start their experience with our event.

Map Launches Directly from Digital Business Card                      Phone Dialer Launches from Back of Digital Business Card

4. Phone Dialer – do not overlook this one — it’s a hidden gem.  When someone is trying to find you, or find out information quickly, Graham Bell’s invention is still one of the best and most immediate ways to make contact effectively.  Direct dialing from the card means no fumbling around in contact lists of fiddling with voice or keypad dialing.

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Keep your eye out for more tips and suggestions to get the most out of your digital business cards – right now Apple Passbook is the one to really leverage, but Google Wallet is being re-vamped (we’re not sure exactly how yet, but we did score an invite to their event to show off some new features next week).

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