5 Effective Ways Real Estate Agents Increase their Brand when information is at easily accessible at a client’s fingertips.

The methods for home buying have changed and its up to real estate agents to stay ahead of the curve, usually the tech-curve as research is done prior to even calling an agent.

A search starts on the internet before an agent is called. Where are local agents seen, still other own boards, direct mails or any bench advertising. These older school methods are now worked with the tech they use.  A URL link or  QR code seen on the billboard  provide a online presence for agents to better market themselves.


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Here are the most effective ways real estate agents and brokerage houses  alike, are using to stand out, in a tech-friendly manner will make your brand stand out more.

1 –  Using multi-channel methods. set yourself up for social using the tools that social media is put in place. like Facebook, Zillow pages, Twitter or Pinterest and find the appropriate hashtags to go along with them.

add social sharing features that you get with a real estate pass or property pass that fits right into iPhone’s Apple Wallet

Here are a few examples of a property pass:

Property Listing Pass Front 2Property Listing Pass Map App LaunchedProperty Listing Pass Phone DialerProperty Listing Pass Back


2 – Digital business card – Both prospects and clients will never have an excuse to lose your number again  and always be able to get in touch with you with Call-To-Action links to your phone or email, they never have an excuse to lose your number again

3 – Add beacons to your open house  – salutations, welcome notification, map navi right to the open house, prospects will never get lost again. All the latest features can be added right to the phone and go off exactly when you want them to inside the house.


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4 – Steal mobile moments to your prospects. Make your brand the one to beat by being mobile-ready and communicate right to prospects device using notifications and reminders.

5 – Remember to keep an eye your competition, see what they’re doing in the area, how active they are on social media groups, where they’re getting clients from. Stay ahead of them by using our  property pass as your digital-word-of-mouth.

As a real estate agent who’s looking to brand themselves in a tech driven world. Mobile drives to optimize your marketing efforts where people are looking.