DISCLAIMER: We recently changed our pricing and now our $7 Digital Business Card is now $17, with all the same features you expect.

Asking for my business card is easy with my phone in my hand


That’s what occurred to me over the weekend when I was at a birthday party for one of my son’s friends, is that all the parents are holding their phone while in camera mode ready to take the next cute picture but when asked for their business card, they have to reach down to the bottom of their bag to retrieve it.

It gave me the opportunity for me to slide my phone open to show them my digital business card. The parents, in awe, as all they had to do was scan the QR code of my mobile wallet pass and they had all my contact information in their phone, now had…

No excuses in getting in touch with me because the pass is nicely tucked away in their Apple Wallet.

Now all the parents know what I do which is sell mobile wallet passes and market them in a variety of ways. I easily went through my mobile wallet, Apple Wallet to show them some other mobile wallet passes that have products and how mobile wallet marketing is used.

Living in B.C. these tree hugging parents liked the technology of it all and glad to save trees. For me, I was able to engage and expand on the benefits of mobile wallet marketing.

Our $7 digital business card, is the easy way to engage with your customers and brings with it fun technology. Like the use of proximity triggers, whenever you make an appearance, notify your customer base of your location-right on the their phones.

If you’re not using the $17 Digital Business Card for distribution then you’re probably missing out. Start using it by signing up today!

Use the interactive map functions to tap, navigating the way for them to find you! How handy is that when it comes to do appearances?  

Digital business cards use updates that are notification messages appearing on the lock screen. Whenever you have something to say – you’ll be heard right on the lock screen. Thats right, the passes are easily accessible without unlocking their phone. Its as noticeable as is the Apple logo on the back of the phone.

Try the $7 Digital Business Card

Whenever you have something to say – you’ll be heard right on the lock screen with a Digital Business Card

Choose your preferred social media site to add to the back of your pass for wider exposure. Once you add the profile page to the mobile wallet pass there are direct links to launch it.

If you prefer for your customers to download your app instead, with one tap they’ll be taken to the download page of your app in the App Store and Google Play. We work closely with our clients to make sure that the mobile wallet passes are exactly meeting your needs. We’ll assist you in leveraging your digital business card with any existing campaign that your running, all this for $17 a month.

Distribution of your digital business card is unlimited. Meaning you can share your mobile wallet pass using the QR code and download link that we personalize for you to integrate the digital business card to your mailing list, social media, search campaigns or in-store or at-event signage.

Being able to distribute your digital business cards to work with your marketing campaigns are one of the best ways to tie all your marketing endeavors together with the pass being stored into Apple Wallet.

For me, $17 digital business card is far more advantageous to carry with you as nowadays with all sorts of useful technologies that like distribution and one tap call or email me that a paper business card can’t manage. Even if it’s a simple as finding it the bottom of your bag, you can never be at the bottom of a mobile wallet on your phone.