How do you find new podcasts to listen to regularly?  Do you poll your co-workers and friends?  Read online reviews?

We know that the people we work with love podcasts; they’re just that sort of people.  So we took an informal poll around our offices and asked everyone to give us two suggestions, one business and one in any category.

We narrowed down the list and this is what we came up with for the 6 faves around here (yes, we have a few weirdos working with us!)

Let’s get started –

#6 – Marketplace

(Not making it to the top spot, but actually we all love Kai Ryssdal on the evening edition) – if you haven’t listened before, it’s a really simple format – show segments are about what’s going on in the world of business – they cast a wide net and you never actually know what you may be hearing on the show.

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They also feature a stock market recap in the afternoon edition (there’s a separate morning edition hosted by another guy), and we do find the shows to all be very well produced with a nice flow that is replicated every day on every show.

#5 – Lead Singer Syndrome

Haha, yep, you got it.  Another one that’s not even business oriented.  In this setup, there’s a guy who fronts for a band called Silverstein, and he interviews the front men (and women)  of lots of famous and not quite famous (although most are critically acclaimed) bands.

The format is conversational, there’s some music sprinkled in, and some of the answers are not at all what you’d expect, but then again that’s part of the charm of the whole thing.

#4 – Damn Interesting

Now this is a cool show.  All kinds of weird stuff you never knew you wanted to know.  It’s the audio only side of, and on any given episode, you could find out about anything from Buddhist self-mummification to how the BBC drew up war plans of its own.

Crazy, isn’t it?  We think so!

#3 – The Cell Phone Junkie

All things mobile phone are contained here in this podcast.  Whether you want to know about the latest in Qualcomm chip security, or how Amazon has decided to bring ads to the lock screen, there’s not too much that gets overlooked in this production.

It’s pretty straight to the point, without a lot of side talk and minutiae, just in case you’re wondering. 

#2 – The Dice Tower

Um, yep, just like it sounds, it’s a podcast about games.  Or maybe it sounded like an HBO show set to audio but that’s not quite right, lol…

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It’s actually a podcast about table games, to be more precise.  And since we all love a good rollicking game of Scrabble or Monopoly, of course we’re going to like a podcast about board games.  Just don’t make us play that DaVinci puzzle game against Kim again, it’s embarrassing just how easily she kicks the s**t out of everyone else.  

#1 – 99% Invisible

Chances are you have not heard this one before; more’s the pity, since it’s absolutely fantastic!  If you’ve ever stopped to think about how the design of the objects in the world around you make the world, then you’ll completely dig this podcast.

For instance, did you know that the US prison system still makes inmates listen to cassette tapes?  That’s right.  They haven’t evolved since the 90s.  But wait, cassette tapes might be making a comeback musically?  Gads, we hope not!  Or perhaps hearing about The Grand Dame of Broad Street (Bellevue-Stratford Hotel) and how it used to rival the Ritz but then was witness to a long string of murders, is more your cup of tea?

Well, there you have it.  Some fun podcasts that our staff likes and you just might – each of them is definitely worth taking enough time to download at least one episode to test out.  

Drop us a line and let us know what your favorites are, if you’re so inclined.