Deliver a mobile wallet strategy thats easy to implement and creates a mobile culture is now a constant with your competitors. They are on mobile and are seeing results from it. Its time to surpass them and spend less on your mobile ads.

There’s real value with a mobile marketing strategy using mobile wallet passes. We have collected 6 winning mobile wallet strategies that work with your competitors –

Here they are:


Pass the mobile wallet pass with easy share features. With just one tap from the back of the pass you can share the pass to any of your social media profiles such as Facebook or Twitter. 



A mobile wallet campaign is as easy to set up – just like filling out a form, it integrates with your all your marketing efforts. We work to customize a mobile wallet pass that will engage with your loyal users. 

[What qualifies as a mobile wallet strategy? The perfect mobile ad has arrived]

3-win-icon  Mobile updates on the lock screen. As 9 out of 10 installed passes are kept on devices – they are never deleted. This is a phenomenal opportunity to easily swap from one campaign to the next in your sales cycle. 

[See how other SMBs, like your competitors are swapping out mobile wallet campaigns during the holidays.]

4-win-icon  Special events? Use a mobile event ticket to start to engage and notifying attendees of any changes while adding value to sponsorships.

5-win-icon Use iBeacon as proximity triggers based on location and time – its a mobile wallet strategy that works. iBeacon technology works with mobile because it was made for mobile based on Apple technologies inside of Apple Wallet. 


6-win-icon Its not an app – its a mobile wallet pass that sits inside your mobile wallet and uses the same technologies backed by Apple.

[DOWNLOAD: Look to more mobile wallet strategy with this 3 Step FREE WORKSHEET] 

Here’s Kim Stuart’s Digital Business Card engaging with a mobile update that’s seen directly on the lock screen.


We will make suggestions in helping you create the right message at the right time to generate more revenue with your mobile ads. Your competitors are trying to reach the same people you are. Stay mobile, update them on mobile device to tell them about your recent promotion in your sales cycle -this is a mobile culture that a sure way of Winning.