Promote yourself, your business and your brand with a simple to manage, straight to mobile setup. 

Easily add the $7 business card to your phone

Auto update changes in any of your info


Send out KILLER updates straight to mobile


Easily get referrals from your contacts


Calls to Action go directly to lock screen


Drive traffic to any URL, app, video, and more

Try our $17 Digital Business Card on your phone now

It's super easy to add to your phone, try it now

#1 – Open Apple Wallet.  Click the + sign in upper right.  Choose Scan Code to Add a Pass.  Point your iPhone camera at the QR code on the card to the right. 

#2 – If you’re reading this on mobile, simply tap this link –

(Android users, scan the QR code with any QR code reader and follow the instructions, or tap the link if you’re on mobile)

point your phone and scan QR code


The Simple, Effective Way to Drive Traffic to Your Content


The $17 Digital Business Card is the modern product that will help you drive more traffic to your content so you can close more sales and get more referrals from anyone in your contact list…  and it looks fantastic in iPhone and Android too.

Let’s face it, paper business cards are a losing proposition.  Most of them end up in the trash, and the ones that don’t are stuck in a drawer somewhere – unused and unloved.  

Paper business cards don’t tell the world that you’ve “made it”, instead, they tell the world that you’re more concerned with handing out a stack of business cards instead of actually connecting with prospects.  (We’re not the only ones who hate paper business cards either, you’ll see below)

Hazel & Kim from Mobile Wallet Marketing Made Easy Podcast

How do you get in someone’s pocket?

Let’s face the facts – getting someone’s attention is NOT an easy thing to do these days.  Between emails, social media, SMS, etc there are a LOT of things competing for attention.  And it makes for a TON of noise.   If you want to get through to people, you have to reach them where they are most likely to pay attention.  

You talk to their mobile phone.



The $7 Digital Business Card

Stay connected the digital way…

It’s super simple to connect with people and incredibly easy for them to see and share all of your content using the $17 Digital Business Card.  

Open social media pages, video or podcast players, & other apps with one tap from the back of the card. 

Setup is easy.  Hand out as many cards as you want. 

Ryan Deiss on YouTube

Ryan Deiss Hates Business Cards

It’s not just us! Ryan Deiss from, well, he hates paper business cards too.

Maybe you caught the YouTube video he recently released talking about how he hates paper business cards.

Having paper business cards printed can “trap” new business owners and back them into a corner if they are relying on the cards for PR and marketing.

Just imagine, though, how easy it would be for new business owners to pivot gracefully – they only need to update the info on the front and back of their digital business card and they don’t lose a single contact or prospect in the process!

Digital business cards look amazing in a custom design that will impress anyone who sees them.

digital business cards for only $7
keep contacts, prospects and clients up to date
digital business cards make sense

Digital Business Cards have a sleek design that fits perfectly into Apple Wallet (and it’s only $17!).  Lock screen notifications let everyone know each time you’ve added a new offer or want to tell them about any other amazing updates that you have.

Customize the color scheme and graphics to seamlessly integrate your branding with the updates.  Whatever your color palette and design feel, it’s easy to recreate on your mobile updates!

Use the back side of the card to drive more traffic to offer URLs, app downloads, click-to-call or email campaigns – cards can be instantly updated with new information any time. 

Lock screen notices are the BEST way to get attention (especially if you target millennials) and the response rate is top notch!

easy referrals and shares

Easily get more shares and referrals.

Encourage contacts to share with their friends, family, co-workers and neighbors – all it takes is two taps on the back of the update to share, offering plenty of viral opportunities. 

sharing and referrals are simple

Each side offers unique opportunities to connect, educate and inform.

Connect with listeners

Instant Calls to Action

Back side CTAs provide unmatched opportunity to connect with people.

Lock screen notifications

Lock Screen Notifications

The lock screen notifications provide instant access to your updates and new materials.

Podcast Marketer back side is amazing

Customize Your Message

Use the back to craft educational or informational messages. 

Give your contacts the chance to explore your website, social media marketing, video campaigns or other materials that will help them connect with you. 

Seamlessly crafted graphics integrate directly with your brand, and enable you to entertain, educate and delight. 

Encourage your contacts to share ALL of your content, not just one post or video.


Direct links and calls to action from the back of the $17 Digital Business Card allow everyone to explore your website, download your app, or directly engage you using Click to Call or Click to Email.  

Multiple sharing options enable two click shares via QR code, Apple share, email, SMS and social sharing. 

mobile update back of pass Tommy Chong

Everything You Want to Market Dynamically with Mobile

automatic updates for new offers

Automatic updates for new offers

Each time you post a new updates, automatically let your contacts know via their mobile phone lock screen.

Load email, Maps, other apps

Launch Maps, Phone dialer, Email, and More

Send mobile updates for any RSS based feed you like.  Updates mirror your RSS feed data, and requires no special setup.

launch podcast or video player from update

Launch any podcast or video player directly from back

Let your viewer or listener select their preferred player with one tap from the back of the update.  If there’s a mobile player version, it works with the $17 Digital Business Card.

additional updates for other content

Send additional updates for other content

You’ll appreciate how easy it is to send push notifications when you have updates to your other content.

bonus content on the back of the updater

Offer bonus content links on the back of the updater

Whether it’s an app download, a video player, it’s no problem!  You can even launch the Maps app (with driving directions) from the back.

Launch social, mobile, search, video

Launch social, video, other mobile apps

Your contacts can launch your social media pages, video player content, web pages and just about any mobile app with a direct link using one tap on the back.

Compatibility Requirements

Works with all social media apps on iPhone and Android

The $17 Digital Business Card plays well with others.  It’s compatible with iPhone and Android. It uses Apple Wallet and a variety of Android wallets to store marketing cards and updates directly to the lock screen on mobile phones.  

The one tap links on the back of the business card update works with Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, G+, Vimeo, Wistia, Phone, Email, Maps, Instagram, Pinterest and more.  Any mobile app that iPhone recognizes will be launched from the back of the marketing card. 

All purchases of the $17 Digital Business Card are for a single license of the software.  All paid subscription plans can be upgraded, downgraded or cancelled at any time.  

A Quick Note from Hazel & Kim

Creators of the $17 Digital Business Card

Hazel & Kim

We are delighted to share the $17 Digital Business Card with you!  When we found ourselves in need of a more ecologically sound and economically smart way to market our business, we realized how simple, easy and effective it is to use mobile to get the job done right.  Since most people access everything with their phones, it makes sense to provide them with your info where they will most likely want to access and act on it!  

From there, it’s such an easy step to offering bonus content, calls to action and more, directly from the $17 Digital Business Card.  You put a lot of effort and loving care into marketing and branding, and you deserve to have a fantastic, loyal group of contatcts who can share your information with their friends, family, co-workers and neighbors easily and quickly.  We have put a lot of attention to detail into the $17 Digital Business Card, and we know that you’re going to love it.