Mobile communication has reach as mobile apps have shown, now more than ever businesses, like your competitors, use mobile wallet passes that sit inside a mobile wallet app to extend that reach to provide a better mobile experience to loyal followers.


Its called:  mobile wallet marketing and its already skyrocketing brands to engage and communicate with loyal customers, just ask your competitors!

If it seems like everyone is a mobile user, its because they are! Every single one of us is sticking our noses into a smartphone, Its time for SMBs to make the switch over to a mobile experience. 

We follow a mobile marketing strategy that works with mobile wallet passes to engage and increase their loyal users by providing them with a mobile experience.

Its amazing how quickly engagement will turn potential customers into a buying customer when applying mobile wallet marketing strategies. We think mobile first with our strategies as SMBs do the same because its what their competitors are doing because mobile works!

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Its time for SMBs to use mobile wallet marketing to rise above your competitors by marketing to mobile users.

Here are 7 reasons why mobile wallet marketing leaves your competitors in the dust:

  1. Engagement – Its not the size of your loyal users, its your mobile ad – turn your loyal followers into hyper-responsive buyers.
  2. Mobile updates  Keep customers engaged with notifications directly to the lock screen.
  3. Drive traffic to your ads – Compel users with mobile updates and add relevant links to your pass. Direct them to your promotion, mobile ads work!
  4. Share Features – Gain more loyal users by sharing your mobile wallet pass through to any social media platform. A mobile wallet pass uses social share features. Encourage your users to share the pass on Facebook or Twitter
  5. Location – Add your physical address to a pass to increase foot traffic. With one tap, the map app pops up to navigate to your desired location.
  6. Connect – Customer service stays on track as customers & prospects in one tap can call or email your business. Add a phone number and email address to the back of the pass, just like you would your physical location.
  7. No app required – Apps are outrageously expense to develop, discover and maintain for your loyal fanbase. Try a mobile wallet pass to reach and grow it instead. Mobile ads work!

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A mobile wallet pass will have you ahead of your competitors. These strategies work for all SMBs that make the switch to using mobile wallet marketing.

Think mobile first with your mobile ads to gain a better loyal following, one thats engaged in the mobile experience. Leverage these 7 reasons when applying mobile wallet marketing strategies, while leaving your competitors in the dust.