We’re kind of on the fence here – for a number of reasons.

iBeacons, wi-fi beacons, Eddystone beacons, AltBeacons, whatever…  all beacons are good beacons when it comes to the airport services category.

With that said, we’re finding it hard to cotton to the idea of airports installing beacons that require additional airport apps.  We can certainly understand a traveler installing and airline app, of course, no problem, that’s super useful and makes life much easier. 

Obviously, airports don’t agree with us.  That’s fine, whatever.

Most (80%) airports will be investing in sensor technology over the next three years and 79% will invest in cloud services, according to the study.

By the end of 2018, three quarters (74%) of airports will be using beacons to provide notices to passengers, 58% for locating resources and 48% for environmental sensing. Those beacons also open a potential gateway for ads, of course.

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Of course we could be wrong.  Maybe consumers want to install so many apps that they manage to explode their phones, which would then cause them to be banned in carry on baggage.  Or something like that.