I remember when I was a kid, my mom clipped coupons.  

It was, to put it mildly, some crazy Sunday afternoon ritual, since the Sunday paper (something I’m sure many of you have never seen, lol) was chock a block full of coupons to clip; along with Parade Magazine, recipes and gardening tips – that was the draw of the Sunday paper.

Not much has changed about coupon clipping desires – everyone wants to save some money.

Even the super rich are looking for deals (they don’t get to be super rich by giving all their money away, eh?) and mobile is really the hottest way to accommodate people by handing them relevant and contextual offers based on location or time…

Don’t believe me?

No matter the usage pattern around mobile coupons, shoppers want a deal.

The number one goal for 78% of mobile grocery shoppers using mobile coupons is to save as much money as possible when shopping.

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