Looks like we are all about the iBeacons stories this week – here’s another one…

iBeacons are becoming more popular all the time and they are very well suited to ‘micro-location’ style projects such as museums, galleries, trade shows, conferences, hotels or nearly anywhere that you want to guide, monitor or encourage the flow of traffic. 

Bokowsky says the library attracts a wide array of users from many walks of life, ranging from academia to those who come to use specialized scanning machines and others who restore historic books. “We have mapped 90 different points of interest all over the library. For instance: the cafeteria or reading room—the toilets even—scanning machines, etc.,” he says. Visitors of the millennial generation are especially focused on their phones, and this group is perhaps the most likely to embrace the app, Bokowsky says.

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Obviously this is not the first installation of beacons in a space like this; museums have been enhancing tours and answering visitor questions via beacons for a couple of years now.