If you’re in the middle tier of real estate agents and brokers, and you’re looking to up your game, there is a great article in Boston Agent Magazine last month – Marketing Techniques for Selling Luxury Real Estate –

(Probably a better way to figure out how to move up the ladder than one of those Josh Altman webinars being advertised on Facebook!)

Make it Easy for Non-Local Buyers – The more expensive a property, the more likely the buyer will not be local. The good news is technology has brought so many exciting tools to marketing significant properties that you do not need to look far to be creative and enable a non-local buyer to easily experience the property. Simply let the property’s amenities dictate what tools you use.

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If you’re lucky enough to be buying or selling luxury real estate, drop us a line and tell us what exactly makes you pull the trigger on a property or decide to negotiate a lower price.