Please are constantly on their smartphones…


Develop a mobile experience that works to empower brand advocates with mobile wallet passes.


In fact, over 80 times a day, out of habit, people look directly at their lock screen. Today, in the digital word, with comments and star ratings surrounding your brand reputation – tap into creating a mobile experience that deepens relations through brand advocates by providing engagement through mobile wallet passes to nurture a mobile presence.

Its all right here.

Brand advocates spend more time talking and making purchases that are 50% more likely to influence a purchase.

An invitation starts with a scan of a QR code. once the advocacy pass is added into a mobile device, your now able to engage using mobile wallet notifications.

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Engagement is the answer to driving brand awareness. Mobile wallet notifications are reminders or offers for any promotion that you want your brand advocates.

How to get started?

Have employees empower brand awareness with passing the pass and using it on point of sale marketing materials. 

In a retail environment, employees- your best brand advocates -walk around with their phones can pass the pass from a mobile device to another with a scan of the QR code.

Event Ticket Using Mobile Wallet Marketing Pass

If you don’t want employees using their phones while on shift, have the next best thing, your employees telling them to join at the point of sale, with signage to join, a QR code or customized URL for joins to occur, its really that easy.

A mobile experience spurs higher activity rates to increase brand advocate community.

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Attract an advocacy campaign that increases social reach and build brand awareness that engages.

3 Ways to Empower Brand Advocates 1

A mobile wallet pass with social shares drives brand advocates that boost the shoppers journey.

Engage with mobile wallet notifications, provide mobile offers directly to the lock screen and make it easy to join from one brand advocate to another.

Have a loyalty program that you want to take to mobile easily?