Any Branding Agent or Broker knows that real estate is about relations and working to prepare your clients through a negotiation process.

Presenting yourself and reputation with a mobile presence are proven Branding Agent tactics that top real estate agents use to negotiate better for their clients.

Other than price being a major factor, the key is knowing the needs to represent your clients goals and sticking to them. Prepare your clients for whats next along the process of buying/selling.

First and foremost for clients to prepare themselves, as its important to get finances in order, determine a budget and be pre-approved for a mortgage – sets up realistic goals.

The cleanest offer, those buyers with the best terms, gets the house. Its always best for Agents to price a home based on comparable properties around the neighborhood, called a comparative market analysis.

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Appraisals are done to protect the buyer from overpaying while setting a mortgage that will get approved. Whereas a seller uses it to have realistic expectations on the asking price. This process assists an Agents negotiation power.

Branding Agents on the technology train find it easy to integrate your marketing brand to mobile one, a property pass makes it easy.

Since 2016, we’re now in the era of Mobile. As its now the predominant method of initial contact and presents opportunities to reach the majority of people.

Everything from email to search is predominantly being done on mobile these days.

People are using mobile for more than half of their online time and that continues to climb.

Branding yourself on mobile, especially mobile wallet passes, drives potential clients to see the video produced for the property. Include links and send a lock screen update to let everyone know about it.

All campaigns running, your social media ones, single property site and video of the property can be linked and featured on a mobile wallet pass. Its super easy as filing out a form.

Property Listing Pass Front 2

This is the front of the mobile wallet card.  Pretty simple to design – you leverage your existing collateral to create a user friendly front with a single property image.

      Property Listing Pass Front

And here’s the back – include one tap click to call or email links.  Add Maps with driving directions to the properties. 

Property Listing Pass Map App Launched

Include links to all of your other collateral, and give prospects the full picture.

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It’s a great differentiator in a world full of same!

The top Branding Agents will have a mobile presence tool with a mobile wallet pass that will help sell properties as quickly for a good price, negotiated by you.

Branding Agents have a better response rate and look at getting peoples attention at the time and he place they need to see your message.