Its amazing week, as we are celebrating thirty years of the internet known as the World Wide Web, WWW.

Our co-founders at Mobile Wallet Marketer have been marketing the internet for 20 years now, and they’ve seen technology evolve and the ways to market it has too, from starting an entire work force to a way communications is done using mobile devices, the core of whats shaped and changed the way we face the world – is still rooted  in Tim Berners-Lee proposal.

This week marks the 30 year anniversary of that proposal, the foundation of the internet. If it wasn’t for Tim Berners-Lee laying the foundation of the World Wide Web, you wouldn’t on your mobile device, reading this article.


On March 12, 1989 submitted as the “Information Management: A Proposal” was submitted to the publication office of CERN, which is Europe’s flagship particle physics research laboratory. 


The intention behind the World Wide Web all while reaching a global status that is dominated by tech giants and spreading as quickly as it has is not necessarily the way that Berners-lee envisioned.

Berners-Lee identified three major “sources of dysfunction” affecting the web: deliberate malicious intent, system design and unintended negative consequences of benevolent design. Source

The original idea behind WWW was to solve communications for a large scale physics experiment that hundreds of scientists collaborated as a way to easily exchange information.

And within the next year he applied the three primary technologies that today’s information of things is founded on: HTML, URL, HTTP all as a way to connect computers to move files across one another. By 1991 the first web page went live, hosted CERN.

Berners-Lee proposal has made it possible for everyone to be online, yet the road thats pathed is not one of his design or intent.

The web helped societal’s wave of individuality with everyone getting a voice has come with its challenges

#ForTheWeb Campaign  that Berners-Lee sponsors its aim to join forces with

people like you, uniting as one voice to get governments, companies and the public to stand up for a free, open and safe web that benefits everyone.

Show your support for the principles of an open web

Countries, tech companies are supporting the movement, will you show yours?

And in 30 years we’ve seen the internet evolve from infancy, we’ve gone down rabbit holes – long before digital marketing was a course or even a degree, all thanks to Tim Berners-Lee.