The popularity of VIP hosts, concierges, club promoters, and lifestyle management services has grown. 

I was in San Francisco over the weekend and saw the increasing amount of service and hospitality apps being used. People are using service apps to regain control of their time and to better manage their lives

The hospitality market has shifted with larger hotel chains thinking mobile first with branded hospitality and concierge service apps that are offered to hotel guests. Hotels are implementing a mobile marketing strategy – putting the guests in touch with their concierge with just one tap on the phone providing assistance when they need it.

How can you compete with big hotel chains and service apps?

You are not in the app business and investing in apps is not what your primary focus should be. Your focus is to service clients and maintain long term relationships.

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The alternative mobile marketing strategy is by using a mobile wallet marketing campaign that leverages Apple Wallet and Android wallets to deliver your message and updates. A mobile wallet pass uses the same technology that apps in the app store use but this native app is on all iPhones called Apple Wallet.

Drive your business on mobile phones that are already used as personal assistants to guide your clients through their day.

Send them reminders that are seen directly on their lock screen. Market your concierge business to prospects and clients where people are looking right on their lock screen. The average iPhone user looks at their lock screen 150 times a day.

Exceed your clients’ expectations by engaging with them using mobile updates. Part of your promotional efforts may require educating your target market on the benefit of your services, making a mobile wallet pass ideal for explaining what you do.

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A mobile wallet pass for VIP hosts, concierges, club promoters, lifestyle management services will move your business forward. A couple of taps will get you:

  • Apple Wallet technology thats on all iPhones
  • More referrals from client’s family friends and co-workers by adding referral links to the pass
  • Notifications on the lock screen of clients and prospects
  • Clients to call or email directly from the pass itself

Promote your concierge business where people are looking – on their mobile phone.

Notify your clients in an unobtrusive way delivering your message at the right time. The concierge business is now reaching out to clients using mobile updates. Outpace your competition and build up client confidence with a mobile marketing strategy that works with mobile wallet passes.