So I ran across a white paper earlier today (I’m not entirely sure I’m supposed to post the link, but hey, it’s a white paper, not the holy grail) that talks about a new term:

Concierge Marketing

The basic premise of concierge marketing is that individuals will be able to get things they want delivered to them by using their mobile devices.  And that clever companies will learn to manipulate those mobile devices in order to convince customers to download and install their apps in order to have these ‘concierge marketing’ moments.

Uber, of course, is the prime example – but seriously, what is Uber NOT a prime example of these days?  Pick a side, pick a gripe, pick a borderline legal practice, pick a unicorn… there they sit, at every single intersection.  They’re an easy go between, putting those in need of a ride together with those who have rides, but does the experience actually live up to the billing?

If you’re a concierge, VIP host, casino host or similar service professional, you already know this.  And you realize that client relationship management is your most important job — even more than acquiring the networks and relationships that allow you to procure things for valuable clients at a moments notice.

Insinuating yourself into a clients lifestyle is a matter of gaining trust and mutual respect, and normally takes a lot of work coupled with decent referrals from existing clients to really jumpstart your business – or take it to the next level.

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