Notification sequences may not be the first thing you think about when creating an ad campaign.

When you are putting together a new ad campaign, one that involves either multiple individual ads or a creative number of sequential ads, it’s a good idea to think about the notification sequences that you might employ in order to get the most out of your campaign.


If you aren’t entirely clear on what a notification sequence is, let’s take a quick look at how the process works, and what you can do to positively influence the likely results –

Let’s say you are an online coach, and you are getting ready to launch a new course.  You will use the typical approach including a buildup prior to opening your course up for sales, and the buildup includes email, mobile, Facebook/Google/Mailchimp retargeting pixels, Adwords, and affiliate traffic.

What items are part of your notification sequences?

Your collateral might include YouTube or Vimeo videos, perhaps a webinar, a couple of pieces of downloadable collateral to help build your list, and then you’ll start closing in the ‘pre-sale’ period with an early bird discount, and move into the final sale or course closing once you’ve run for 4-6 days.  This effectively creates a series of events that will occur, and you can bracket your marketing campaign into specific points with their own goals and targets, while remaining part of the whole.

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We’ve previously discussed – in detail – the myriad of ways to segment prospects and customers at the time you are adding them to your database; we’ve also talked a good deal about how to set up campaigns to take advantage of time or location based triggers based on user behavior.

The next item in your to do list is to determine what notifications would be useful to prompt your prospects into becoming customers.  Next is to build all the collateral – or as much of it as you can, in order to keep a sense of continuity between the materials.  Use something like Trello to keep track of your raw materials, your finished products, and all of your associated tools, links, artwork, etc.  We do this with accounts where we manage Pinterest or Instagram for customers (Trello is our preferred platform), and we sequence the posts, notifications, etc directly from the Trello board to the posting location.

Notification sequences are also triggers to move your prospects from one level in your funnel to the next one beneath, and also serve to enable you to more closely monitor your prospects’ interest and immediately adjust your campaign messaging and timing if needed.  This, in turn, helps you to better convert your traffic into sales.  When you follow up a sale with a nicely worded upsell request, you also tend to see more conversions there too.

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Mobile is the easiest way to get attention and direct your prospects along your chosen course to completing your sales.  You can control the timing, the tempo, and the tone of your message, and you are able to instantly and immediately make changes if you see that they are needed.  There is literally the ability to change almost every single piece of your collateral or message when you rely on digital ads coupled with mobile notifications!


We are, of course, available to help you coordinate your notification sequences, your mobile campaigns, and more, so don’t hesitate to reach out!