Customer engagement strategies have evolved digital transformations.

Consumers experience takes little effort when done correctly on a mobile device. To build an established link to engage with a consumer is easy to do using a native app on the iPhone called Apple Wallet. 

A mobile device alerting customers with notification on a lock screen builds brandy identity. A customer engagement strategy that gets results is a mobile wallet pass that sits inside Apple Wallet. This pass is a direct channel to engage with customers building brand identity by thinking mobile-first in the marketplace.

When using Apple wallet, a mobile wallet pass will target your message to where people look – directly at the lock screen.  Send the right message at the right time.

“You’ve got to start with the customer experience and work back toward the technology, not the other way around.” – Steve Jobs

Smart marketers know that Apple recently revealed people look at their lock screen about 150 times a day. Read more about it in another blog we did a few weeks ago entitled. The Importance of Lock Screen Notifications & Marketing.

Be seen where people are looking! On our podcast, Mobile Wallet Marketing Made Easy we remind our listeners with a lock screen notification that updates our next episode that looks like this:


A lock screen notification reminds our listeners of the next episode. We send the right message at the right time informing them of our next episode builds trust with our podcast listeners week after week:

podcast stats copy

These results circled in red show that four times our podcast numbers sky rocketed. That’s an average of 300% growth in podcast listeners, that’s an astounding number! We were able to reproduce it 4 times!

Tourism, Travel & Seasonal Businesses Market #MobileFirst [PODCAST 19]

Another customer engagement strategy is on the mobile wallet pass, with listen links to listen directly to the podcast from the mobile phone. We remind the listener to write a review of the podcast on iTunes. Further triggering customer engagement as a podcast review builds our brand awareness.

Apple Wallet, magnifies the mobile-consumer experience. Be the reason they are looking! Put a mobile wallet pass to work and let us know how it goes.