To set up a customer loyalty program is fairly easy to create and deploy but its not easy to design one that gets greats results for both your business and your customers.

We’re presenting a two part series designed to assist SMBs in determining loyalty program strategies that work with a mobile experience.

To join a loyalty program people need an incentive and that becoming a member is an easy process. The days of a cashier swiping a bar code off a card or rubber stamping a card to both added into a physical wallet is over. Instead retail and other service companies SMBs are using mobile wallet passes to achieve the same purpose but is distributed directly to mobile.



Drive sales with innovative loyalty program strategies when using a mobile.




Immediately build loyalty with first time user with a mobile coupon that rewards them for the start with options of a 10% discount or a free thank you gift, just for signing up.

Implementation of customer loyalty program is a steady and continual process that can take time to see results. Integrate to change the mindset of employees is a tactic, then when fully exploited, will gain loyal customers at a higher rate to boost the join process.

Have employees become the brand advocates, encouraging people to join is a remarkable beneficial loyalty program strategy. At checkout is the best time for a cashier to pitch the consumer about the benefits of joining your loyalty program.




Build brand awareness that drives customer loyalty delivered right to mobile.




Companies like Starbucks and Sephora kick off a mobile experience as part of their loyalty program strategies. They follow the philosophy that repeat customers should be rewarded and business increases sales. Which are the corner stones for any successful loyal program.

Engagement is the answer to driving brand awareness. Reminders of offers or events any promotion that you want to tell your customers about is seen directly on a lock screen with a mobile wallet pass, creating a mobile experience that deepens relations is a loyalty program strategies that nurture a mobile presence.



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Callout to your customer loyalty program right on the lock screen of all your followers is a mobile experience and pretty easy to achieve with a mobile wallet pass.
As much time as it takes to foster customer trust, it can be strengthened by providing outstanding customer support. Another cornerstone to a solid loyalty program strategies is to give them access to to call or click with just one tap from a mobile wallet pass. Connect to customers directly to mobile is an invaluable opportunity to evoke a sense of community with a mobile experience.







A mobile wallet pass fits into loyalty programs because SMBs can engage right on the lock screen. There are share features to pass the mobile or right to social. Facebook, Twitter or Instagram share features are imbedded technology that works right into a pass that a social media presence is a steady reminder of why Brands get more exposure to show how great they are and keeps people coming back to you over your competitors.

These share features make it easy again to gain referrals. Think of it as digital word of mouth, not only employees being brand advocates, its now your customers through joining a loyalty program becoming advocates for your brand and telling all followers, your followers about it!



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Successful tactics when setting up a loyalty program strategies are ones that deliver a mobile experience that makes it EASY to:




Customer Loyalty Strategies - Creating the Program to Best Fit Your Business (Part 1) 1


Deliver easy ways with a mobile experience that gets results to grow your business by encouraging membership and create returning members with loyalty program strategies that works with mobile wallet passes.




Next week, I’ll go more in depth on how SMBs can give your customers the same mobile experience as Starbucks and Sephora with loyalty program strategies that work.

Customized mobile passes for any customer loyalty program engages a mobile channel that incentivizes immediately.