We can’t overstate the importance of the delivery when it comes to mobile.  We say it all the time.

Attempting to ram a desktop’s worth of screen onto a tiny little mobile device is not the way to win friends and influence people.

Yep, that’s right.  If someone cannot see the content pretty darn quickly on a mobile device, they’re outta there.  The difference in 1 second and 2 seconds has never been greater; has never mattered quite so much.

But there are those that persist in their antiquated way of thinking – no matter what we say.  And we’re not the only ones saying it, not by a long shot.

MediaPost agrees with us – 

Even if advertisers are utilizing accurate data and reaching the right person — based on the ads I receive, they are not — they’re completely missing how to follow through with an ad experience that incorporates the unique attributes of mobile, especially in apps, where consumers are spending the majority of their time.

It’s high time for marketers to stop being complacent and redefine their approach to mobile advertising.

To do so, they have to rethink how they are delivering messages to users. No matter how great the creative is, targeting users and then using antiquated methods and products to deliver the ads just won’t work.

So please, give up the bells and whistles, give up the ridiculous notion that people want to use their entire data plan downloading your ads that don’t render properly on mobile, don’t work correctly on the small screen, and aren’t going to convert buyers so much as pissed off never gonna buys.

When you take the mobile experience and you turn it into a shrunken head version of a not very good desktop experience, you really ruin the whole experience.  Users aren’t looking for the moon and the stars, but they would like to be able to read some content occasionally.

This is the bet that companies like Apple, Google and Facebook are making with their Apple News, Google AMP and Facebook Instant Articles – that by stripping away all the extraneous, unnecessary bits and pieces that are tossed into the mix for the average website update, they’ll create an experience that users enjoy, and will want to come back to repeatedly.  And if they can serve the news with the social aspect or some other feature that’s mobile centric, they’ll garner even more traffic than they already have.

Think about it.