Dealerships use Mobile Messaging with Shoppers

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Dealerships use mobile messaging with prospects to guide the shopper’s journey to leverage their sales funnel.


Digital marketing is already a standard for auto dealerships to add to their sales funnel and now those, who are on top of their marketplace are doing what the big tech companies are already doing and are moving to their leads capture to mobile.

Salespeople already know that 


 digital marketing is the way to go based on the above so it only makes sense that the auto industry embrace mobile-friendly ads


By implementing mobile-moments along the path of each shopper adding the perfect compliment to their journey. 



Digital spend among auto dealerships is on the rise with, $5 billion in 2013 to over $12 billion forecasted for 2019 as there’s more success in converting sales from a digital funnel then the traditional methods.



Mobile is quickly risen and is dominating the way shopper’s interact and make purchases. There’s an average of 71% of digital interactions occurred on a device while only 58% of dealerships leaning toward mobile or haven’t yet started ads on mobile, there’s room for growth.

Dealership passes are customized to work for salespeople to target clients and have them return on their path of the shopper’s journey to your dealership, not your competitors. 


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A customized dealership pass not only engages to provide navigation, video content, share features and Call-To-Actions, dealer reviews, finally ad campaigns, as prospects can get in contact with salesperson all with in a couple of taps and have them remember your dealership and not the one across the street. 

Not only that, a dealership pass target’s the foot traffic of competing dealerships using geofencing and proximity triggers. As a virtual fence around a dealership from a cross the street, for instance, can provide the leverage needed to have them return to your dealership instead.

Once each prospect leaves the dealership with one of your customized dealership passes, provides opportunities to message prospects on their lock screen -while at your competitors.

There’s nothing better than being able to directly target your prospects and have them return to your dealership and its more efficient that traditional ads.

Mobile messaging increases the shopper’s journey and awareness that you have the vehicle their looking for.

Not only that, its easy to track with metrics that are already in place , so you know can figure out how to convert earlier in the sales funnel.

If this interests you or have any questions, we’re happy to chat with you expanding your digital marketing to more of a mobile channel that leverages the shopper journey into your sales funnel.