In a move that’s not surprising (although not particularly expected), Google has decided to discontinue supporting their physical Google Wallet card in the upcoming months.

As more and more companies jump into the race to provide the front runner mobile payments solution, we expect there will be a lot of shakeout (and shakeups) in the next few months as providers prep for the upcoming holiday season and try to sort out what’s feasible for merchants to get onboard with between now and then.

Dear Wallet Card users,

After careful consideration, we’ve decided that we’ll no longer support the Wallet Card as of June 30. Moving forward, we want to focus on making it easier than ever to send and receive money with the Google Wallet app.

Read the original Dear John letter here – 

Key point – Google is a bit schizophrenic when it comes to their Wallet, Pay, and money moving products.  They change the names, shuffle the products and confuse users in general with these decisions.