Mobile has surpassed laptops as the most used device when exploring the internet by a whopping eighty percent.

Most people spend their time accessing the internet using a smartphone. Our eyes are always looking down at our phones. Most business owners know a mobile marketing strategy is essential to their marketing efforts 

These strategies that already work using other omni-channels, knows its essential to think mobile-first in their market campaign are what your competitors are already doing.

We designs mobile channel  that are customized to your business needs and brand messaging targets. looks like in action. A product or service card as part of a mobile channel, informs, engages and promotes  – a strategy that is seen on the lock screen of the targeted audience. 

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There are a few fundamentals when designing a service or product card that works with any mobile marketing strategy.

Customized design your mobile channel will be branded to look like your other marketing collateral. The product or service will be displayed onto the front of a branded card. Be seen by everyone to increase brand awareness.

With our podcast product card, where we host Mobile Wallet Marketing Made Easy, we target our subscribers listening to our podcasts.

Mobile Wallet Marketing Made Easy podcats

Here are 3 key tips when designing a product card:

1 – The front of a product card uses clean and simple graphics.

Untitled design

Our podcast logo is clear along with the name of our podcast.

Untitled design (1)

2 – The headline informs the targeted audience, loyalty and membership clients exactly what you are all about.  Here we use it to update our latest podcast episode.

Untitled design (2)

A mobile update engages our listeners with listen links directly on the product card.

3 – Share features by scanning a QR Code on the product card, addit by email, text and AirDrop. Try it out below to add it to your device now.


We provide unlimited distribution Its best place on the front of the service or product card.

These elements are key to designing a sleek looking product card.

Inform, enage and educate by telling your target audience what you want them to know about your brand, with share features and call – to – actions that are all in one place, all on one mobile channel.

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We will assist you in developing your own mobile channel, look sleek doing it and market to where people are looking just like your competitors.