We now that mobile is taken the lead into today’s marketing efforts. -we’ve become a #mobilefirst with the way we use technology.  And for those that are not sure how a mobile channel or even an OMNI channel works, we breakdown what a mobile channel looks like. We work with businesses everyday- just like yours to assist them in designing a mobile campaign that engages, informs and educates direct to your consumer.

Most people use their phones to access the internet.

Smartphone usage has surpassed laptops as the most used means of accessing the internet.

Whether its habit or nervous inflection people glance at their phones over 80 times a day. It makes sense for business to think about a wallet marketing campaign, as your competitors are already doing.

Provide strong brand awareness to gain a loyal following with some basic mobile marketing strategies in place. Drive them to the content you want them to see, directly from the back of a mobile wallet pass. 

A mobile product card for any product and service is completely customizable as we assist our clients in getting the most out of their wallet marketing campaign. Action items are clickable links that are part of a mobile channel.

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Design a mobile channel that makes sense with your current marketing efforts. Using our Podcast Marketer card customized for listeners of our podcast, Mobile Wallet Marketing Made Easy – Here are 3 design elements of a wallet marketing campaign:

1- A mobile channel uses links to capture their users to tell them where to go.  The URLs can be a blog, video, podcast, shopping cart  and any call-to-action – CTAs – that give you control to decide where you want them to do right from the mobile channel,

back of pass MWMME 4

We use our mobile channel for our podcast, Mobile Wallet Marketing Made Easy. We have listen links that launch iTunes, Stitcher, TuneIn  all the links enable the subscriber to listen directly from the smartphone.

2- Call-To-Action – Your consumer can get in touch with your business with one tap to call, email or navigate them right to your front door. 

back of pass MWMME 5

With a customized mobile channel we direct our listeners and influencers to respond by email. Other ways that podcast passes are used is a direct line to have listeners call in, live.

[Use Kim’s Worksheet: 3 steps in creating a mobile marketing strategy]

3-  Feature your podcast, blog or product page while at the same time keep building your follows and likes with direct links to social media pages,  – even launch the app right from the mobile wallet pass.

back of pass MWMME 6

Add the links to the back of the pass helps tell your story. We tell ours using this “Feature Episode” to educate our listeners of a summary to our podcast.

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Action links on the mobile channel will drive your traffic to where you want your user to be.

These wallet marketing campaigns can provide offers, educate and engage your users.

A clearly thought out strategy drives traffic to your content, increasing your brand awareness while gaining loyal followers. We are to assist with developing a mobile marketing strategy for your business. Look sleek while jump frogging ahead of your competitors by marketing to where people are looking – on their device.