Business Cards That Update When You Do.


Send out updates when things change

Got a new gig?  Changed your phone number?  Moved to a new city?  No problem.  Let the world know when something new is happening with you.


Grow your business the smart way

It’s super important to connect with your contacts on their mobile and to engage them using their mobile.  Targeting them where they spend their time is crucial!


Let your contacts know when you have something new to share

Lock screen notifications are the quick, efficient and cost effective way to share a new offer.

(PSST – see it in action — If you’re reading on mobile then click this link or open the Apple Wallet app on your iPhone and scan to add Kim’s digital business card on this page.  Android users can scan with any QR code reader app)

Hazel & KimHow Does It Work for Us?

Let’s face the facts here – people throw your business cards in the trash.  It happens all the time.  Or better yet, they (ahem, KIM DOES THIS) put them in drawers and zip loc bags and card holder boxes, never to be seen again until you move house or can’t find that _____________(insert relevant phrase) you misplaced and absolutely MUST find today or you’ll probably just roll over and die!

We don’t want to be stuck in a drawer or thrown in the trash!

We use our digital business cards to engage, inspire and communicate with our contacts!  It’s really simple, pretty much set it and forget it until something new happens and you want to broadcast your news to the world – that’s when you send out a lock screen update and everyone that has your card is instantly and immediately updated with the latest information –

One of the BEST things about digital business cards is the SHARE feature – that’s right, every one of our contacts can share the card with their friends, family, neighbors, co-workers, mastermind group, and so on…  with two taps from EACH, we’ve effectively doubled our contact list — not bad, eh?  

What that means in real life is this –

We can put stupid cat videos on the back of our business cards, send the updates to our contacts, and they can share them with all their contacts.  Voila!  Viral!  (Ok, we’re just kidding about the cat video thing.  Kind of.  I think.)

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How do we get the best results with digital business cards?


We use our digital business cards to market our business, but we do it in a way that really benefits the people that we’re trying to reach – 

we let our customers and prospects know when we’ll be close to them – if we’re going to a conference or trade show, we send an update with the details and encourage them to schedule appointments with us.

– we share information that we think is going to be helpful, whether it’s a great new article, a fresh podcast episode, or something we ran across in social media

– we include links to our social media profiles, video content, blogs, podcasts, etc – all from one ‘hub’ so it’s easily accessible and we can launch the player or social app directly from the back of the card – this means we can engage with our contacts through a variety of media and it doesn’t take all day to do it.

The ability to reach out and engage someone, now that’s helpful!

How many times do you read about marketing using Facebook, Adwords, Twitter, or even radio/TV commercials and they talk about the number of contacts you need to have with a prospect in order to move them through your funnel and into the paying customers list?

It’s HARD to get prospects to engage – we know it, you know it, and anyone who says otherwise probably isn’t marketing to actual human beings  😉

Let’s face it, a paper business card almost always goes into a drawer or the trash can.  That’s not really helping anyone, now is it?

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So how do you get people to respond?


What do you want them to do?



The best way that we found was by sending them reminders directly to their mobile phones – that way they are in the medium, in the moment and able to take immediate action directly from their lock screen!  Yep, a couple of clicks and they are not only looking at our card, they are checking out the other stuff that we want them to see – links to product pages, Click to Call or Email us, a list of ways they can access our podcast, or specials we might be running for pass holders only.

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Great, will it work for me?

It works for people in every industry, whether you’re in sales and marketing or you have a unique business opportunity!   It’s super easy to get your digital business card on mobile devices – if someone can tap a link, open an app and take a picture or tap a Share button, then your digital business card will end up where it belongs – in their mobile phone.

Try it for $7, what do you have to lose?


Down to the nitty gritty details – keep reading –

Trigger a lock screen notification each time you update your digital business card  – use direct launch links that include iTunes, Spreaker, Stitcher, and TuneIn.  Video content? No problem – YouTube, Wistia, Vimeo and more also launch from the back of the pass.

Social media presence – launch Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, LinkedIn, etc from the back of the pass, and send users to your app download pages in the App Store and Google Play.

Geofencing and iBeacons offer two different location and context options for triggering offers when they’re most effective and resonate with the customers.  Geofencing is a ‘macro’ or wide area notification, based on the GPS function of the phone.  iBeacons are short range transmitters that are placed inside your dispensary, show booth, or other physical location where you want to attract customer attention.

Once customers have added the mobile wallet coupons to their iPhone or Android, more than 90% of them will remain in the phone – ready and waiting for new offers, specials, deals, or other information.  Push notifications let your user base know when you’ve updated a pass automatically.

Launch podcast player apps directly from the back!

Digital Business Card

Only $7 for a full year.

The card includes:

  • Unlimited pass distribution – that’s right, no limit to the number of contacts you can add
  • iBeacon or geofencing location – give us an address for the notification or the UUID of the iBeacon you would like to hook to your card
  • 10 text entries – on the back of the card (with labels)

When you place an order, it takes us about one business day to complete your order.   You’ll need to provide us with a couple of simple graphics (logo, front of pass) and your text and links for the back of the pass – after you check out, you’ll be taken to a ‘fill in the blanks’ form where we collect your information and you can upload your logo and headshot. 

If there’s a problem with the card, we’ll work with you to get it fixed properly.

As soon as you’ve approved the card, we’ll provide you with the QR code image and the download link, so you can start promoting your business or yourself with your Digital Business Card – integrate them with your mailing list, social media, search engine results, paid campaigns or in-store or at-event signage.  

Updates to the card require an upcharge, and must be purchased separately.