Paper business cards…  environmentally unsound, generally used to fill up File 13 (the round one), and on the way out the door.

Perhaps some print shops would have you believe otherwise, but even Moo – the last bastion of super cool printed cards, is putting out a digital product now – a paper card with an RF/NFC style chip encased in the paper.

Obviously we still need a way to announce ourselves, promote our business, product or brand to others, and give our contact details to those we wish to entangle in our daily lives.

For those that still think that paper is the way to go, we found this article –

Getting creative with your business cards is a way to say something about you, your business and your brand. It also makes your card more memorable. Here are some ideas for creating a great business card.

Tear it apart.

Business cards for personal trainers can come with perforations, giving potential clients a memorable before-and-after visual. Divorce attorneys can also use the perforation to get the point across.

Add something.

Plantable business cards and seed packet business cards can help your business grow. One clever bicycle shop owner turned his business card into a valuable tool.

Let it represent you.

Your business card should help others learn something about you and your business. Not only should it provide basic contact information, but it can also illustrate something related to your work, business, or industry. Here are examples of how a builder and a graphic designer let their business cards say something about them and their business.

Try the $7 Digital Business Card

You can read the rest here if you like – 

Frankly, everything you can do with a paper business card, you can do better with a digital version – and have the ability to update as needed, reaching out silently to everyone who has your info and giving them the new, improved version of yourself.