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Event Networking: Handshakes meet Mobile Opportunities

Just returning from one of the larger trade show floors that I ever attended in Las Vegas, larger by 50% than last year, I found it easy to go up...

Mobile Marketing: Art or Science? What About the Facts?

Is mobile marketing more of an art or a science? Should you follow the trends reported by research or design campaigns from the heart?

Real Estate Agents Double Dip with Property Listing Passes

Real estate agents are branching out and double dipping by using two types of passes, one to network with, the other as a property listing pass.

Everyday Promotions + Mobile Campaigns

The ability to message with a mobile update, to channel promotions using mobile to clients is priceless in the shopper’s journey.

Google is closing in to even the podcast score with Apple

Google is closing in to even the podcast score with Apple. They waited a long time to do so and its paying off as…

Emoji Notifications Impacts Mobile Engagement

Over the last several weeks we added emoji’s to our episode updates of our podcast Mobile Wallet Marketing Made Easy to see what an impacts emojis...

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Beacons: Difference in Eddystone Beacons and iBeacon

Beacons: Difference in Eddystone Beacons and iBeacon

There is a lot more talk today about iBeacon, Eddystone Beacons and the technology behind it.
The term proximity marketing is a strong force in the mobile sector because it integrates well into any marketing strategy.

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