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Podcasting in the Modern Age

Podcasting stats are always interesting. Back in April, as they do every year, Edison Research released their Infinite Dial report, which picks...

Realtors & Brokers: How Much Will “Cash for Homes” Hurt You?

Now that Zillow has decided to compete with Offerpad and OpenDoor in the “cash for homes” game, will this create an even more difficult market for realtors and brokers?

Facebook Growing Pains, Will it End?

Since the spring time when Facebook faced fallout from accounts were hacked, besides apologizing, little was done to gain the confidence of their users.

Rhapsocord – Are We Looking at a New Dimension in Podcast Ads?

Rhapsocord sounds like a bad rendition of a Blondie song title, that much we know. Today we’re taking a look at the platform and how it intends to automate ad insertions into podcasts.

Duopoly of Digital Ad Revenue – A Deeper Dive

Today we’ll do a bit of a marketing dive into digital ad revenue. The duopoly of digital marketing, when seeing that marketer’s instantly think of...

Google Podcast App: What Does It Really Mean for Your Podcast?

Google Podcast App is a newly released app from Google designed to play, as you guessed it, podcasts. Will it actually help your numbers or is it just another big nothingburger that you can forget about?

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Beacons: Difference in Eddystone Beacons and iBeacon

Beacons: Difference in Eddystone Beacons and iBeacon

There is a lot more talk today about iBeacon, Eddystone Beacons and the technology behind it.
The term proximity marketing is a strong force in the mobile sector because it integrates well into any marketing strategy.

Proximity Marketing Results from Top Trade Shows

Proximity Marketing Results from Top Trade Shows

Last month I discussed the success of top NBA teams using iBeacons throughout their arenas using proximity marketing to provide a better user experience.  This month were discussing top trade shows using iBeacons to engage and communicate with attendees on a mobile...

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