Stop what your doing!


Did you just get that ‘AHA’ moment?



Realizing that its essential today to develop a mobile marketing strategy

How exactly do you do it?


You do it with digital wallet marketing!



More companies have switched to mobile…

as its not only easy to reach your consumer – that wants to hear from you, their consumer will be notified in an unobtrusive manner – right on the lock screen.

Digital wallet marketing is essential to your mobile plans. Its convenient and easy to do – with people looking at their phones over 80 times a day, the opportunity is now available for any SMB to take advantage of it.

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These mobile wallet passes are stored into a mobile wallet, once added 9 out of 10 times it remains on the phone  – now thats digital wallet marketing at its finest!

Right now – here’s 3 things you should be doing right now to make the move to digital wallet marketing:

  1. Digital wallet marketing integration – use mobile wallet passes to integrate your campaigns easily- as easy as filling out a form. Integrate your campaigns easily to digital wallet marketing ones to engage with your consumer. 
  2. Share pass on social media  – these mobile passes go from mobile to social with one tap to any social media platform like Facebook or Twitter. 
  3. Mobile updates get attention as over 80% of users check their lock screen per day. Be seen where people are looking, mobile ads work!


Tap “Share Pass” on the back of a mobile wallet pass to engage further.

Digital Wallet Marketing: 3 Things You Should Be Doing Right Now 1


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Talk to us about using a mobile ad to gain hyper-responsive buyers in a most attractive mobile channel, digital wallet marketing.

Now is the time for your “AHA” moment to come to realization with digital wallet marketing. These 3 things you should be doing right now to market to mobile  – make the switch just like your competitors already have.