Taking podcast marketing to the next marketing level is tough…

…it takes a commitment to both maintain a podcast but then constantly battling to get new listeners, subscribers and downloads.

Successful podcasters use digital wallet notifications to encourage current listeners to share episodes while marketing your podcast – its brilliant.

I know its brilliant –  just as I know that you are probably are listening to this podcast on a mobile device, I know that because  over 85% are listening on mobile right now.

It takes incredible work into keeping podcast content fresh, publishing next episodes and sharing from mobile to social, it goes on and on!! Digital wallet notifications is being used to market your podcast eases the battle for getting new listeners, subscribers and downloads.

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To develop the episode then marketing it by sharing it on social media using a mobile wallet pass engages with digital wallet notifications. These are updates that are seen right on the lock screen.

The PR part of digital marketing – informing listeners that your latest episode is ready to listen, is conveniently being seen on your subscribers lock screen.

Create a new wallet notification that is read from your lock screen and in a fluid tap move immediately to a Podcast Marketer pass that has direct listen links, to be listened to immediately. Smoothly share the pass to mobile onto the many social media sites as Facebook and Twitter. 

Its now convenient to use mobile to share with other mobile users to get full benefits engaging with digital wallet notifications.

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Marketing your podcast with digital wallet notifications onto mobile devices is a fluid way of engaging with your listeners and share easily while engaging with their listeners.