Today we’ll do a bit of a marketing dive into digital ad revenue.

The duopoly of digital marketing, when seeing that marketer’s instantly think of Facebook and Google. Together the make the bulk of the US digital ad marketing at over 58% 

With Google’s ad dollars at $40 billion while Facebook generated $21 billion dollar with Instagram account for more that $5 billion of it ad revenue share and accounting for 7% of mobile ad market.

Although they dominate the digital ad platforms and have the most market share, they’re peaks are starting to subdue, slightly.

Thinking about Facebook, Twitter and others, user growth is starting to flatten out and be closer to broad-based internet growth,  

Monica Pert, forecasting analyst at eMarketer.


Where does that leave other traffic moguls as Amazon or Twitter?



Amazon’s keeps rising as this year it’ll surpass $2 billion in ad revenue and taking over 1% of the mobile ad marketing with it.


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Twitter ad earning’s have declined for a second year, falling under Amazon at $1.12 Billion with Snapchat finding its ad revenues increasing a whopping 81% surpassing the $1 billion mark. taking up the 1% share of digital ad spending.

Amazon’s market share will continue to grow through aquisition, as Whole Foods and quick delivery promises, not to mention opportunities that come from Prime Video and Music.

If we assume Amazon continues this meteoric rise of capturing more share of digital advertising, to the degree that Google and Facebook don’t own that space, they’ll lose share to Amazon,

Pert said.

Who else is gaining with digital ads?



Snapchat numbers have climbed significantly as the capture a younger audience and are launching new advertising products in finding out what works best.


advertisers are still excited about Snapchat and the engagement it gets from its young, hard-to-reach audience through heavily used features like messaging,


Pert said.


Where does that leave anyone else?


We can’t forget formidable digital ad firms as Microsoft and Oath. Which account for 12% digital ad share each staying ahead of Amazon while continuing to chip away at Facebook and Google.




One thing we’ve been reminded of this year with all digital ads and marketing strategies is that you need build your audience to target and engage with them as part of the sale cycle.


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Mobile wallet marketing tactics do just that.

Part of each these companies mobile strategies is to use chat platform to message offer, promotions to their user base.

Mobile wallet marketing takes those same tactics for smaller SMBs that are looking to do the same type of mobile updates that are easy to implement and work on all channels. Talk to us, we’ll show you how simple it is to use.