Over the last several weeks we added emoji’s to our episode updates of our podcast Mobile Wallet Marketing Made Easy to see what an impacts emojis makes onto mobile. 



Here’s a collection of mobile updates from recent episodes of our podcast. Messages on the lock screen inform our subscribers that a new episode is released:



Emoji Notifications Impacts Mobile Engagement 11


This collection of episodes that use emojis as visual stimulation for increased open rates.

Subscriber’s see these messages directly on the lock screen of their device. From there, it just takes a swipe to directly listen to the episode


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A notification arrives on the subscriber’s lock screen

Emoji Notifications Impacts Mobile Engagement 12



Read and swipe to open the Podcast Broadcast pass to the front of the pass


Emoji Notifications Impacts Mobile Engagement 13


The listen link is directly on the back of the pass, just tap the “i” at the bottom right of the pass.



Emoji Notifications Impacts Mobile Engagement 14                                Emoji Notifications Impacts Mobile Engagement 15


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From there, its a hub of all you want your subscriber to know about the Podcast Broadcast pass with a tap of the listen link, the episode is now being played.


As you can see from the message to the pass itself – the emoji is consistent to the promoted episode.


Emoji’s do convey the message so that consistency is important. with only 25 characters seen on the lock screen, the best placement is at the start of the messaging  – where we find it makes the most impact and persuasion.






There’s nothing worse than finding the emoji you want to use as part of your messaging and having it hidden and not seen until the swipe to the pass.

We see these emoji updates as the polish to our messaging. Its not only mobile updates as lock screen notifications or podcast updates as way to encourage our listeners, it looks sleek visual statement and makes subscribers want to listen to your podcast – now!

Do you have podcast and our looking to keep your listeners motivated – talk to us!