Get the most out of your loyal users and build your followers using mobile offers.

The holidays are great time to in your sales cycle, Boxing Day sales are just around the corner. This is the time of year where all your hard work to gain loyal users is now paid off by engaging with them using mobile offers. 

Build your followers like you would on any social media profile and start using mobile offers in a mobile wallet pass.

Mobile Wallet Marketing Made Easy Podcast Marketer Mobile Update

Loyal users engage with mobile offers: 

-Integrate the featured product or service into a mobile wallet campaign  thats seen on the lock screen of loyal users.

-Convenience and engagement is driving adoption of mobile ads to loyal users.

Integrate your current promotions to mobile offers is as easy as filling out a form. These mobile offers come from mobile wallet passes that sit inside your mobile wallet app of our smartphone.


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Ways to build your followers to use mobile offers:

-All printed marketing collateral you create should feature a QR code and custom URL that make it easy to add into any smartphone.

-In your next newsletter add the custom URL that links directly to your pass. 

-On blog pages add it to the side bar for distribution, like we do:


A mobile wallet pass hold all your featured links. Share your videos, link to your website and CTA links.


These featured links drive your traffic to where you want them – like live streams as Facebook Live or Periscope for business.


Brands and marketers, its time to start giving the consumers what they want; Mobile offers that are engaging and are seen right on the lock screen.