Customers are the lifeblood of your business, keep them engaged using mobile updates to have them be response-buyers this holiday season.


Because they are looking at their phones, be seen where they are looking!

This is a must mobile strategy for this holiday season.

Drive traffic to mobile ads by providing them with an offer that has value behind it. Lead users to your offer page – all from a mobile wallet pass.


A great way to get new customers is to add the pass into their mobile wallet, like Apple Wallet. once inside, mobile updates on the lock screen is an effective way to engage with them.


Mobile updates provide value to your marketing this holiday season by:

  • Triggering a powerful sense of urgency with your marketing message. A deep discount built on time or location trigger will gain sales.
  • People feeling compelled to read the offer on their lock screen, where they look over 80 times a day. A mobile update engages and keep your customers interested in your brand or product.


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Take your marketing spend further by engaging with share features on a mobile wallet pass.


Take your mobile ad reach further by customers adding it to social media. Launch Twitter, Facebook any social media profile directly from the back of the pass to take engagement to a mobile culture.


Easy to pass the pass from phone to phone or onto any social media page. 

We will make suggestions in helping you create the right message at the right time to generate more revenue with your mobile ads. Talk to us about developing your ads now for the holiday season – its not too late!