Just returning from one of the larger trade show floors that I ever attended in Las Vegas, larger by 50% than last year, I found it easy to go up and the rows getting all my steps in, which amounted to 6200.


For exhibitors, there’s no better way to get their brand or product out in front of 25,000 attendees walking 3 miles up and down the rows. An intense 72 hours that ended up with sore feet and networking opportunities galore – I was thrilled to follow up with everyone, turning handshakes into relationships, only to realize that not much follow through will happen at all this week as Thanksgiving approaches.



All the networking opportunities, conversations that’s getting more distant as the smell of Turkey dinner approaches, – we’ll need to leap frog the week and create recall- all by using mobile marketing strategies.



To create recall, reminding all those people you shook hands with just a week ago,  to keep you on top of mind thinking during the holidays,  takes various marketing channels, I use two methods that I find to be the best; emailing our new friends and sending mobile updates to them. 


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We send out a warm reminder email of who we are, signed by both Kim and myself.  And with everyone we came into contact with, we had them enter our digital business card into their Apple Wallet. If I was discussing a certain product, I’d have them add the product card into their device too.



As it leads them further on our network to not only read a blog, listen to one of our podcasts of Mobile Wallet Marketing Made Easy.


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Now, when we leap frog into next week,  our handshake will stay on the top of their mind. A mobile action notification is already familiar to them and for us, it develops a business connection that remains over a holiday is a mobile marketing strategy that any influencer, brand or product cannot go without any longer.


When next week rolls around I’ll be sending out a reminder with a new promotion that can’t be missed – as its seen on the lock screen. Another recall moment that fits in with mobile marketing strategies.


Walking up and down, handshaking, talking shop at one of the busiest conferences, all with sore feet, creates value when taking those networking opportunities that fluidity moves them to mobile ones.