Adding mobile messaging updates to your event can insure that attendees and sponsors see added value from participating.

Mobile messaging updates don’t have to be complicated or difficult to add to your event, and the benefits they bring you include added sponsor participation, better attendance, and more than one tiny shred of sanity left for you when the event is finished.

Adding mobile messaging updates is a simple process (at least with our platform) – it doesn’t require you to build a standalone app, it doesn’t incur the costs of SMS messaging (or the risks), and it works with iPhone and Android.

What can you do with mobile messaging updates?

Mobile messaging updates are the easy way to broadcast to attendees, sponsors, volunteers and speakers.

Here’s a perfect example:

You’re holding your event at a large event center, and halfway through one of the sessions, the fire alarm goes off, and everyone is forced to leave the building.  Twenty minutes later, the all clear sounds, and you’re allowed back into the premises.  Your sessions are scheduled to be an hour long, but now you’ve got a problem, since the current session has been interrupted and you need to change the schedule for the upcoming sessions.

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What do you do?  Just dig in and push forward?  Or reschedule one of the sessions for later in the day in order to keep the others on track?  How do you notify the attendees, speakers and everyone else who might need to be kept in the loop?

With mobile messaging updates, you broadcast a notice to everyone with the changes to the schedule.  The update is immediate, everyone is made aware of how you’re going to proceed, and the event goes back to normal.

Without updates, your speakers don’t know what time they are speaking, the attendees don’t know what the current schedule is, and you’re pulling your last three hairs out of your head trying to figure out what makes the most sense from a schedule perspective.  Bad, huh?

What else can mobile messaging updates do for the event?

Hosting a professionally run event generally means that you get more (and better) sponsors, advertisers and vendors.  Well run events also grow in attendance numbers with each consecutive event, since attendees feel like they are spending their money to learn and network with their peers.

When you use mobile messaging, you have the ability to broadcast messages prior to the event – say, once each week, with news and updates.  When you snag that superstar keynote speaker, that’s something to message.  When you add another social event that’s meant to foster networking and creative collaboration, that’s also something to message.

Messaging can take place before, during and after the event.

Crafting messages that generate buzz and excitement for your event are one of the ways that you stay top of mind for those who’ve already signed up, or those who are on the fence.

Everyone wants to feel like they are part of the event, and when you send out mobile messaging updates, it also generates interest and discussion elsewhere – like your Facebook group or event forum.

After the event has ended, you could send everyone an email and ask them to fill out a survey or to review/rate the event.  The response rate via email (while better than almost anything else) can be dismal when you look at the numbers.

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SMS/lock screen type messaging (the cornerstone of mobile events messaging) has the best response rate of any communications medium available today; you’re not limited to a single link or message when you opt to use mobile wallet communications.  The back of the pass, ticket or card can contain multiple links and calls to action.

You should also consider using mobile messaging updates to drive interest to your next event, whether it’s a year away or just a few weeks out.  Judicious (read that as not spammy) messaging in advance of future events will help you to pre-sell tickets and get word of mouth buzz started early.

Provide value add to sponsors by including them in your messaging updates.

When it’s time to sign on sponsors for specific levels, or add to their current packages, offering them spots in your mobile messaging updates is a sure fire way to bump up their final bill.  It’s also one of the only ways that you can guarantee they will be seen at every point during the event cycle.  Including a link on the back of the ticket or pass to a dedicated sponsor page, or by rotating links that go directly to sponsors, is a fantastic way to offer extra exposure at any level of sponsorship you choose.


The bottom line:

Mobile messaging updates generate more revenue, increase buzz, goodwill and excitement for the event, and provide interactive communication with everyone involved at a cost efficient price.