As an event producer, wouldn’t it be ideal:

to get the word out and notify attendees all at once without feeling like your running around the venue?

to get sponsors to choose your conference?

Event Producers don’t need to dream about it anymore. No matter the venue, mobile is now available to all size events, conferences and trade shows. 

The number one marketing trend from last year at SXSW was using mobile at tech events. Some of the biggest trade shows in the nation are successfully using mobile. 

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How can you use mobile at events?

  • Use a mobile wallet ticket that sits in mobile wallets, like Apple Wallet. 
  • Engage directly to the lock screen
  • Offers go straight to mobile during the conference 
  • Add value to your sponsorships – reach attendees after the for a year leading up to the next


Our event guide will teach you ways to draw sponsorships to you and pick you over your competitors event. Reach attendees for a solid year leading up to your next one.


Event Management Guide – This FREE download will teach event producers to use mobile, easily and effortlessly.


At the SXSW each spring in Austin, they decide what is going to be hailed new tech and mobile is on the top of the list.

Connected Everything is the consumer’s ability to interact with technology in full display.

Connected everything means reaching out to prospects, customers, users and others to provide timely and appreciated information.

A mobile strategy for your next event, no matter the size is ideal for exhibitors, sponsors and attendee. If your an event producer then you know that using mobile to engage is an ideal solution.

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If you are an event producer and your still reading this, I haven’t even discussed iBeacons yet, but thats a more advanced strategy that your exhibitors will love using. Use mobile event tickets is simple enough and attendees will appreciate it, not to mention your sponsors. Talk to us!