Mobile really does bridge the Internet of Things (IoT) with people. It utilizes all the technologies needed to engage with clients adopting promotional marketing strategy designed to convey emotion to make the first purchase. In some cases using various incentives.

The ability to message with a mobile update, to channel the campaign to clients is priceless. It is designed to stimulate the client to take action towards a buyer’s decision. In using various incentives, in this case with a mobile device that allows the buyer’s journey to be seamless with campaigns that provide, discounts and sample offerings.

Here’s how one grocer in Toronto, a European Deli, uses mobile passes as their promotional marketing strategy by having sale items on the deli floor.

By using proximity technology – a consumer’s device is triggered when passing by the promoted area, in this case, the German section of the deli, with a notification on the lock screen informing the consumer that there’s a promotion on a food item.


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As walking through the isles of the store another notification pops up to suggest a wine selection. Now the wine is at the end of the isle, informing foot traffic that with a simple QR scan, a discount coupon will be on their device when paired with another item.

Continuing to walk through the store, just like you see in Costco, there’s a sample table with crackers spread with a selected European marmalade to try before purchase. With signage and QR scan code, on the table and with the employees guidance, informing consumers that they’ll receive an instant discount once scanning the QR code.

Now at the point of sale – at the cashier, its familiar to the consumer to double down to add a loyalty card for future discounts within the deli and provides a positive response that will keep returning customers.

Not only that, providing consumers with a discount at the point of sale to be sure they do sign up for your loyalty program and keep them coming back.


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Just to review, a mobile pass inside the European deli is instrumental in leading consumers to higher price transactions and a discount now means they’ll be sure to return.

A shopper’s journey experience throughout the store creates a higher ticket sale per transaction combine that with immediate discounts with mobile coupons bridges the divide. By developing  a promotional marketing strategy, conveying that emotion turns into increased revenue.

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