Facebook Instant Articles.  Apple News.  Accelerated Mobile Pages. Pulse.  And there’s more.  And probably more.

It seems that everyone and their brother has their own publishing platform, and everyone wants content publishers (AKA the little guys) to publish on their platforms.  Which is very much in keeping with the spirit of zero content costs that social media and search engines employ to make money.

The experience on apps is (literally) built for mobile users. In-app ads can be more personalized and don’t slow down the browsing experience. They’re also immune to ad blocking.

But there’s a turf war happening. It can be hard to convince users to download and engage with a brand app, so social networks are hoping to fill the gap.

LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter are all pushing to offer ways for publishers to create content directly within the social app environment. LinkedIn Pulse allows thought leaders to upload articles that can be seen by thousands of users.

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So what’s the point? If you’re not looking at the big picture you probably miss the little details – time on site, time in app, however you want to measure it.  He who controls the eyeballs has always controlled the traffic flow.