Google is closing in to even the podcast score with Apple. They waited a long time to do so and its paying off as…

Everyone seems to have their own podcast. They are more popular than ever before.

And there are many types of podcasts to explore, depending on what interests are. They are many categories to go cover, business, Technology, Sports, Science, Fashion, Real Estate, Sale & Marketing – just to name a few.

Podcasting is on the rise with monthly listeners increasing year after year – since the summer, podcast listenership is grown 21% to 24%. They are easy to listen to, just press play on your on your way – making for a captive audience.


To make your podcast worthy of listening takes a lot of commitment, equipment and promotion  to prepare for and a dialogue that listeners want to hear.


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Apple podcasts are about the ratings, thats why you’ll find on every episode asking listeners to rate the podcast, higher rankings equals higher visibility – meaning better discovery in iTunes leading to increased audience.  Its a continuous cycle.


Under Android, Google Podcasts distribution is taking off and its easy to see why with the latest technologies and divided marketplace.


Podcasters distribute their podcasts to a third-party podcast apps as Stitcher or TuneIn, to name a couple that use a platform to sell pre-roll ads or RSS feed streaming securing mobile’s popularity. Even Spotify now accepts podcasts on their app.


Google is building a tenacious presence with podcasts through voice technologies as Google Assistant.


If you have yet to try it, its pretty easy to do.


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On a typical Android device just open Google Assistant, open voice controls and ask Google to play the named podcast

On Google Pixel 2 & 3, the listener experience is elevated further with a squeeze of the device, name the podcast and it plays.

I tried this with our podcast Mobile Wallet Marketing Made Easy within two seconds I was listening to our latest episode and could not believe how flawless it was to do, I don’t even know which app it opened, just that I was listening to it. (I know it was Google Podcast App)

Discovery and promoting podcasts on mobile is where the listeners are. We use a Podcast Broadcast ad card to add subscribers and increase listenership that we’re happy to chat with you about. Simply contact us.