The new kid on the block is the Google Podcast App.

According to, the Google Podcast App has lofty intentions – according to Google, of course.

Google says the company expects Podcasts to bring the form to hundreds of millions of new listeners around the world.

This isn’t Google’s first go at a podcasting app – but who really remembers the infamous “podcatcher” for Android, that was dumped unceremoniously back in 2012?  And it can’t be easy playing catch up to iTunes, even if you are Google and you do have the new Google Podcast App that is integrated into the Google Assistant –

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While we are going to be taking a wait and see attitude overall, there are several interesting features being touted as user friendly inclusions in the Google Podcast App going forward, and in specific here are a couple that we noticed –

Read on and listen up!

We are looking forward to the Google Podcast App automatically closed captioning our podcasts, and offering listeners the opportunity to jump ahead to specific points in the podcast episodes based on those closed captions, since we, like many others, have a set format for the first few minutes of our episodes, and the so-called meat is inside the sandwich.  If more listeners decide to listen to more minutes inside the episodes, that’s a plus for us, as we see it.

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Of course the opposite may happen – listeners may skip ahead and decide that they don’t like the topic, or find your discourse boring, in which case they’ll be out the door as fast as possible and that won’t help much; it would indicate that keeping things interesting for the duration of the episode is going to become more important, at least for those using the Google Podcast App.

Will search results be affected by any noticeable measure?

What we are seeing is the search results – at least on Android mobile – offering up podcast content specifically, along with regular search results, for a variety of queries (and perhaps not all of them podcast specific queries…).

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At the moment, we hear that there will be no iOS version of the Google Podcast App, that it will only exist on Android, so restricting additional search results to Android mobile users only is not likely to have that much of an impact across the board, especially since most people already listen to their podcasts from iTunes, regardless of what mobile device they own.

Only time will tell.

Everyone with a podcast is always looking for that magic bullet – the one that doesn’t cost an arm and a leg, that will garner lots more listeners, subscribers and downloads, and will help a show rise above the hundreds of thousands of other episodes that are out there.

It’s not likely there is a magic bullet, but it could be possible that the Google Podcast App could change the way we manage things like our podcast pages, in order to attempt to get better rankings in search or to climb into that all important ‘Suggestions for You’ category.


We’ll be staying on top of the situation and reporting back if there’s any news – good or bad – to fill you in on down the road!