Bubble, bubble, toil and trouble – or not.  

High end real estate really doesn’t have a season, or a bubble, or anything other than some minor twinges here and there.

Concierge Auctions is one of those companies that specializes in high end properties, and they manage auctions to move them along.

The buyers, Charlyn and Wade Threadgill of Austin, TX, echoed Redekop’s sentiments. “The auction process was seamless. We were able to view the property several times in advance, and were prepared on auction day with our opening bid,” said Charlyn Threadgill. “On the day of, we arrived at the home to a cocktail atmosphere in full swing, which made us so excited to possibly be able to host our own! It was invigorating watching the bids change, and when ours was ultimately the final, everyone said congratulations and was genuinely happy for us. It truly felt like we were having our own party.”

Debra Dodson, the broker and owner of Cabo Gold Realty, reflected on her experience as the listing agent. “I was so thankful to be involved in such a successful and exciting auction, the first of many auctions to come. It was such a pleasure dealing with such a professional, hardworking and enthusiastic team like Concierge Auctions. They not only made my job as the listing broker easier but also gave the property global exposure. Our entire real estate community watched to see the auction outcome, and I cannot tell you how many e-mails and phone calls I’ve received from brokers and agents thrilled to consider Concierge Auctions a new tool in their bag for selling properties.”

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