SMBs be prepared for the holiday season with MobileWalletMarketer!

This holiday season plan mobile integration into your holiday success. Engage with your loyal users fluidly from one holiday campaign to another, right on their lock screen.

How to structure your mobile marketing during the holiday season using mobile updates.

A holiday sales cycles starts from late October with Halloween. One month  campaigns lead the way from Thanksgiving switching immediately into Pre-Christmas sales to Boxing Day ones, ending with New Year’s Clearout. This is the time of year people are buying in this ten to twelve week sales cycle.

These cycles change quickly from one promotion to the next, a mobile experience makes it easy to reach and engage with clients. A mobile wallet campaign is a way to structure mobile marketing to fit in with any SMB budget.

[PODCAST 15: Integrating Mobile Wallet Campaigns with Existing Ad Campaigns]

The holiday season its easy to be caught up in ad spend. You have a budget and want to stick with it. Your competitors are doing are trying to reach the same people you are  Be cognizant of your companies goals, focus your ad spend towards a mobile-first experience.

Structure mobile marketing campaigns to work with your holiday promotions. Mobile updates can work from a first to last promotions smoothly.

Here is a mobile update right to the lock screen. Any SMB mobile offer will be seen right here:


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We are now in October, companies that want to hit the wave and not get caught under it, have already strategized ad spends for the holiday season.

It is not too late for any SMB to get on board by using mobile ads. Clients who want to know about your holiday offers will see it right on the lock screen, as they are looking at it eighty times a day.

Mobile ads are now seen in mobile wallet app of every phone – be seen where people are looking!