Get started with your mobile wallet strategy using this iBeacon worksheet….

When using a mobile wallet pass, business and brands have the same Apple technologies that works with iBeacons. Making it easy to combine both these mobile elements to optimize a successful mobile wallet campaign.

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Inside this worksheet you’ll receive the Insider Track reviewing best practices to determine your business needs in integrating iBeacons into your mobile marketing mix.

[DOWNLOAD WORKSHEET: Your business brand mobile market mix starts with iBeacons]

The iBeacon worksheet will assist you in identifying what needed to develop the framework that works with a mobile marketing strategy with suggestions that run throughout it.

These developed techniques integrate with your current marketing tactics and establishes a strong mobile one, making it easier for you company to know what works and what doesn’t. Its all laid out in this worksheet with our Insider Track. 


Receive Insider Track suggestions throughout the worksheet with:

  • Explanations that are easily understood in actual scenarios using iBeacon in everyday ways
  • Discover Where vs. When messaging.  Learn to use location based marketing or proximity marketing methods.
  • Use share features with one tap for easy distribution throughout social media.

These steps make it easy to determine where and when to spend your marketing budget, thinking mobile first.

Download the worksheet, fill it out and easily see results all from a mobile wallet pass. 

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Build your mobile wallet campaign with iBeacons slowly by starting with one promotion and develop it with tweaks in your offers to make ad spend go further with mobile updates.

Talk to us to add a mobile wallet campaign to your business, we’re a call a way and talk   mobile all day to all business types.

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