We work with a number of real estate professionals, and some of them are very good at getting new listings, closing sales and leveraging customers for referrals.

Others, not so slick and savvy.  Rather than running through an entire list of specific cases and reasons, we thought we would address one specific topic today – using iBeacons to extend reach and communicate more effectively with prospective purchasers.

Some agents despise hosting an open house; so much that they’d rather take a beating than do it.  Other agents find that it’s a fun, easy way to generate buzz and excitement about a new listing, and to potentially get quick offers – often competing offers – within days of the house going on the market.

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No matter which camp you fall into, you’re bound to have to host the occasional open house, and here are a couple of ideas that might make you think more favorably about them, especially if you knew there was a simple way to get more reach and enable easy communications later on with the folks who attended.

We talk about mobile wallet marketing a lot on this site – obviously, since we’re selling mobile wallet marketing packages.  And we try to detail all the various ways that you can use mobile wallets to really drive engagement with your clients and referrals.

iBeacons should be one of your most valuable marketing tools (along with geo-fencing) for a couple of reasons:

#1 – Use them to control the traffic flow in an open house (or model home if you’re a builder looking to add the beacons to your marketing plan).  If your prospects have pre-installed your mobile wallet passes on their phones, then it’s a slam dunk to easily make this happen.

All you have to do is set up your geo-fencing at the end of the block in both directions – triggering your first welcome message to potential property purchasers before they approach the property.

Then your iBeacon takes over once they reach the front door and you can direct them to a sign in, let them know there are refreshments in the kitchen, or suggest that they tour the (fabulous) pool area off the living room.

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#2 – The iBeacon gives you a narrow area contact range – you know the prospect is within meters of the iBeacon placement, and you’re not pushed to generalize your message in the same way that you do with the geo-fencing and its much wider broadcast net.

If you’re showing a large enough property it’s possible to leverage multiple iBeacons (make sure to set them where you think you want them and do a walk through to test where the overlap or hand off is by checking your phone for new trigger messages to the lock screen) in order to ‘guide’ your traffic around the property.

#3 – iBeacons aren’t just for open houses – you can install one at your office, put one in your pocket when you are attending a trade show or conference (can’t you imagine speaking at Inman Connect and everyone who has your digital business card gets pinged when they are in range of the stage where you’re presenting?  How cool would that be!), or even stash one in your dashboard of your car so that clients are welcomed when they hop in to take a drive with you.

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There’s no magic to the iBeacons – you have to get your passes onto people’s mobile phones in order for them to work.  Real estate professionals have SO MANY OPPORTUNITIES to make this happen in the normal course of doing business that other verticals are green with envy.

Whether you’re using:

  • print material such as postcards, flyers or yard signs
  • email marketing
  • digital signage on property
  • almost any other means of displaying your name and face to prospects

It’s SUPER SIMPLE to include the QR code and the download link text on any of your collateral.  Nearly everyone can scan a QR code (we know this and so do you) but some people prefer to type the URL into the browser so we give you a short URL to include for this exact reason.

If you have any questions about how to make iBeacons do more for your real estate business, just drop us a line or give us a call.  We’re always happy to answer questions about how to get the most out of mobile wallet marketing and what the most efficient means of deployment can be for your specific case!